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Welcome to Mount Angel!

18+ roleplay forum

Mount Angel has everything — from the small-town drugstore to the local grocery store, preschool to the local college, beautiful parks to public services, and everything in between. All that is missing is you! Now accepting applications for Season 4 — celebrating love in the snow just in time for Christmas! Characters are free to embark on their own personal stories or play among canon in our dark, dangerous city of New York.

18+ roleplay forum

They can play against the Secret Society, be within it, it through roleplay or carve their own corner in the AU. The Murphy and Gaviano families have long been at war, well over a hundred years. However, 30 years ago, the patriarchs of the families finally came to an agreement and the sectors of crime were allocated to prevent more unnecessary death. Because crime is in their blood and these groups will do whatever it takes to maintain their family honour, even if it kills them. Deep in the heart of Hollywood, away from the glitz and glamor, there is the Second Chances Youth Oasis, a safe space where kids are free to be kids, no matter their past history, traumas, or wallet.

18+ roleplay forum

The youth love it. The parents swear by it. And those that work and volunteer there? Find their lives forever changed. EQ is based in a fictional town in North Carolina. Welcoming all types of characters from all walks of life we have no word checks, no posted activity checks, and regular site wide events that are optional to participate in! The Rift: Summer Camp offers 18+ roleplay forum well-supervised and organized camp experience for teenagers. Horseback riding is included at no additional charge, and riders attend two classes per week, weather permitting.

Led by capable, engaging counselors whose top priority is offering your child the best summer experience possible; our staff are handpicked for their friendly personalities, enthusiasm, and expertise. But…what happens when the teens arrive, there is no supervision waiting?

No real life experience is required. Based in and around a prestigious clinic on the south-west banks of the river Thames in London, become part of a world of intrigue, investigation and psychological drama. Everyone contributes to the plot, as the plots are constructed in direct response to the characters and their motivations in a free-flowing manner. Love Island Replay Now accepting applications for Season 4 — celebrating love in the snow just in time for Christmas!

Welcome to If It Kills Me. All bets are off now, and no one is safe, not even civilians. Learn more at our website and submit your characters today.

18+ roleplay forum 18+ roleplay forum

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