Cross dress fetish

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My boyfriend of four years enjoys wearing women's clothing and acting like a submissive woman when we have sex. Nothing gets him off more. We have only just started exploring his fetish in the past.

Cross dress fetish

We have only just started exploring his fetish in the past year because he's been ashamed of it all his life. I have encouraged him so far, and now we have a couple hundred dollars' worth of sexy women's clothing that fts him. Last night he asked me if he could wear a latex mask of a woman's face during sex. That crossed the line for me. I hate when he puts on skirts and high heels and asks me to fuck him. It's a huge turn-off. I have not enjoyed sex with him for months. I want him to be sexually satisfed, but his fetish disgusts me. I'm a straight woman and I want to have sex with a man who's acting like a man.

Cross dress fetish

What do I do? Yes, this is a real fetish and, no, FTM is not making this up. But don't take my word for it: Surf on over to www. At frst, Kerry made masks only for his own enjoyment; it wasn't until after other crossdressers started asking him if they could buy his masks that he decided to go into the mask-making business. I contacted Kerry, FTM, and asked him if he had any advice for you. If she doesn't want a crossdressing boyfriend, she'll need to get another boyfriend. You've created a monster, kiddo, and you need to take some responsibility for the mess you've made.

It's one thing to encourage your partner to explore a fetish that you're willing to play along with or, if you're lucky, you enjoy on some level.

Cross dress fetish

But encouraging your partner to explore a fetish that disgusts you? That's as good as ing your relationship's death warrant! But while I think you should get yourself another boyfriend, I want to impress upon you the importance of dumping your current boyfriend without destroying him. For the frst time in his life your soon-to-be ex has a healthy attitude toward his pervy desires — and he has you to thank for that.

If you dump him now and blame the crossdressing, all the shame and guilt and cross dress fetish will rush back in. So don't tell him the real reason why you're leaving — let him think that it's not the crossdressing and the latex masks but his breath or his fashion sense or his family or whatever.

But if you want to stay with this boyfriend and try to make it work, tell your boyfriend how you really feel. Then hand him this column, because Kerry's got some advice for him: "To him, the boyfriend, I would say that he shouldn't make his girlfriend participate in sexual activities she has no interest in," Kerry said. My wife knew about my crossdressing and female masking before we got married.

I love to mask and go out to nightclubs, Halloween events and science-fction conventions. It really turns me on. But it doesn't do anything for my wife, who I'm sure would be in much the same boat as the woman who wrote you if I insisted on doing sex in high drag. So I don't. Like I said, I let my imagination do the work for me, and my wife gets 'a man acting like a man' in bed. Everybody is happy. A lot of people fnd masks very unsettling, particularly the fxed, unmoving eyes and expressionless faces.

It's only natural and I don't let it bug me, but neither am I in their face about showing more tolerance. But certainly, in the privacy of my own house, I'm not doing anyone any harm. It's just a fetish. I'm a year-old gay male, and I fnally met a man I'm interested in. The problem is this: I'm not sure about him. Occasionally he mentions a girlfriend. I can't see how this is so. His gestures, actions and mannerisms around me suggest that he is not hetero. He attempted to feel the texture of my boxer shorts while I was wearing them!

The time he told me I had beautiful eyes. Knee tickling. Intentional leg touching under tables while out dining. His conversations with mutual friends cross dress fetish my sexuality.

Cross dress fetish

Comments about "life partners" instead of wives, etc. Complaining about "girlfriend" never wanting to have sex.

Cross dress fetish

Saying things I do are "cute. Opens doors for me. Homo-like attire, not metro-like attire. I know this might sound a little neurotic, but I could use some advice, as the mystery of cross dress fetish relationship is making me frustrated. Straight guys don't care about the texture of boxer shorts — their own or anyone else's. Straight guys don't pay compliments to other guys on the color of their eyes. OK, that's enough. Look, this guy wants to smoke your pole, SF, but this polesmoker is a chickenshit and a coward — excuse me, he's "questioning" i.

Still, he's clearly desperate for dick, he's attracted to you and he wants you to jump him — hence the groping, tickling, compliments, leading comments about being horny and on and on. This is standard closet-case stuff. So if he's dying for it and knows you're gay and knows you'll be thrilled, why doesn't he make a move? Because then he'd have to admit to himself that he's gay.

But if you jump him, SF, he'll be able to blame you for all the polesmoking that ensues. I'm innocent! He's gay. The question is whether you want to get involved with someone who is going to blame you for every blowjob he gives you. It's fun for the frst, oh, dozen or so, but being a closet-case's boyfriend gets pretty tiresome pretty quick. Women masks feelings about boyfriend's cross-dressing fetish. Dan Savage. Feb 4, 2 PM. Read the Digital Print Issue.

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Cross dress fetish

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Women masks feelings about boyfriend's cross-dressing fetish