Crossdressing sissys

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in. The music was loud. The blue lights were resonating throughout the inside of the van. When i looked down, i was doing 80 in a How was i going to explain this? It w as date night with Lisa, a Gorgeous Girl whom i had met online. Her one photo was impressive. We had been ing for nearly a month and even though She knew almost everything about me, She still had Her doubts. She agreed to meet me, to see if i was true to my words.

She knew that i liked to crossdress and She said that She would support me, if i would show up, completely dressed, and on time. The glare of the bright white light nearly blinded me as i glanced in the rearview mirror. While reaching into the glove box to get my registration, i remembered that my was in my purse, and it had fallen off the console into the back of the van.

Shit, how was i going to explain this? Again she asked for my licence and registration. For me, at this point, it was very obvious that i was at a disadvantage. What could i do? As the flashlight beam shone on my crossdressing sissys, and slowly moved down my body, i began to get aroused. Here is my registration, but i have to get out and come over to You and open the side door to get my out of my purse. The hem of my very short dress rode up towards my ass. As my heels touched the ground, i could feel the uneven surface and i immediately pulled the dress back down.

High stiletto crossdressing sissys are not deed to walk on uneven crossdressing sissys and as i awkwardly walked around toward Her, i noticed that Her flashlight was following me. As i got closer to Her, She stepped back to allow me to pass in front of Her. She caught me around my waist, and for a split second, i imagined that i felt something.

She pushed me forward as i reached for the sliding door. Having my footing again, i reached for my purse, just as She asked if She had my permission to search my vehicle. As i agreed, and pointed to the purse, She grabbed my hand and escorted me to her cruiser to wait while She had a look.

She grabbed my hand? The hairs on the back of my neck stood up! What the hell? She grabbed her radio mike and as She turned away from my sight, i began to get very, very nervous. In about 20 minutes — i had been grinding the plug in my ass while my sissy clitty continued to swell — a tow truck showed up and loaded my van onto the deck, and was ready to drive off.

She got in and introduced Herself as Sergeant Lisa. Get started.

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Crossdressing sissys

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