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Casual Discussion. Thoughts on DDLG? Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Kinda like a girl and her sugar daddy. He provides for her. I used to follow this youtuber who shall not be named unless you ask who posted mostly sewing and craft videos.

Then, recently she posted vlogs and stuff and as a viewer, I discovered that she's in a DDLG relationship. And boyyyyyyyy, I am grossed out. Lots of underaged girls probably follow this channel and watch her shit and will be influenced. So yeah, I felt uncomfortable. Mostly because, she's Chinese and looks like she's 14 when she's actually 24 but when she tries to be sexy, it just feels like she's sexualizing children. And another youtuber that I still follow had a storytime video where she talked about going to a Disney store and how she saw a DDLG couple flirt in public.

The video is super controversial and lots of debates are happening in the comments section. What are your thoughts on this topic? Discuss and share stories. Well I have no real stories except for my sister when she went out with this lady who was the same age as our mom a 4 year freaking relationship just ugh.

I don't really care for other people though the people that you mentioned are consenting adults. Morally it's fucked but whatever. I mean it doesn't seem like she's propagating this relationship style, and if you're worried about the younger demographic I don't think they will quite understand what it is, that's where good parenting comes. I'm only bothered when the girls are actual little girls. It hurts my heart to see babies being taken advantage of by grown men. This video pretty much sums up exact thoughts.

I think it's weird, and it doesn't appeal to ddlg forums. Having your girlfriend who's 20 pretending to be 10 is pretty fucking weird and not in a good way. And when you both have sex you guys pretend she's 10 just the thought makes me ddlg forums. But what others do doesn't concern me. I mean honestly this is not that extreme, it's pretty normal for the guy to be the dom. I don't see why the girl has to actually pretend to be a younger age but if she acts all younger and submissive like eh what's wrong with that?

If it's not your thing though, I get that. I'm not too much of a dom as a guy and if I were a girl I'd probably get spinals chill from that so yeah it's not exactly my thing either but I do think it's okay. BokuNoHawky said: ruckes said: I'm only bothered when the girls are actual little girls. BokuNoHawky said: ruckes said: BokuNoHawky said: ruckes said: I'm only bothered when the girls are actual little girls. I did ddlg forums up on it a little as I was curious as to WHY people would want to be in the BDSM scene to begin with, and didn't want to be too judgmental without hearing their side of it.

It seems as though many females like to de-stress from their day to day lives, and playing the LG is a way of achieving it. Playing the role of Daddy seems to be also a specialist role, that one has to ddlg forums cut out for. The whole scene ranges from strange to outright psychopathy.

So after looking into it from that perspective, I would say that it is indeed deviant and abnormal behaviour from people with problems and disorders. If you are not a problem or disordered person, best to avoid this whole scene and anyone who is into it.

Even if it is true that not everyone in it is a complete devo, it is still not ddlg forums to pursue or even think that it is normal; it is simply not. CAV where can we cast our eyes to PoruMairu who thinks of himself a member of the true church. As long as it isn't actually underaged sex I don't really care what they do behind closed doors.

They have the right to make videos on it but I think they should be age restricted why the hell don't age restricted videos get money. But yeah, in public, especially in a kids store, they should have been a lot more mature about it. DEVlL said: I think it's weird, and it doesn't appeal to me. People are free to do what they want But I think it's trash. It doesn't really get my dick hard no matter how I look at it but as long as ddlg forums not underage and they keep that shit in the bedroom I don't really have anything to say about it.

It's a branch of the BDSM scene, isn't it? I think that everything that scene encompasses is disgusting. Follow my music on YouTube! Gesu- said: and they keep that shit in the bedroom. I don't like the idea of sexualizing childish things. That's like the first thing. I don't find it appealing, and I really doubt I ever will. Most of the so called "littles" are actual underage girls or boys.

They think it's okay to bring their kink in public places for children. Seriously, I've even heard of people in these kinds of relationships having sex in places like parks. It goes far beyond from what the girl mentions in the video you linked. It's pretty disturbing. Ddlg is a harmless type of relationship, where the man takes on the role of the caregiver and the female takes on the role of the princess who lets her inner child run free. It is supposed to be between two consenting adults and most find it to be extremely emotionally fulfilling who partake in the lifestyle.

Obviously it can be perverted and twisted into other things, but you can find that with just about any relationship type if you search the internet. Abusive people or child molesters are a fact of life. They don't come from ddlg and they are not what ddlg is about. What I find most disturbing is two things. The amount of people who are ignorant on the subject yet are so quick to pass judgement.

Secondly, that this is an anime site and anime widely sexualizes child like females, but apparently that's okay with these posters while ddlg among adults isn't. Seems like a double standard to me. Protectous said: Secondly, that this is an anime site and anime widely sexualizes child like females, but apparently that's okay with these posters while ddlg among adults isn't. Sounds really creepy. I think it's perfectly fine to spice it up in the bedroom every now and then with power play or what you call it, but ddlg forums people turn it into a lifestyle or take it to the extremes it's outright weird.

War is an ugly thing, but not ddlg forums ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. They're gross in public. Sounds like fun. The roleplay i mean, not paying for everything. Mayuka Offline ed: Jul Posts: Please remember my answer is you. Veneficia Offline ed: Nov Posts: Where have you actually seen this, because I'm pretty sure that's illegal? BBCode And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, with ten horns and seven he, with ten diadems on its horns and blasphemous names on its he.

I'm a Personal Counselor at a vocational school for at risk youth. Many of the female students on my case load have been in these types of relationships. Yes it's illegal, but if it's not being reported no one's going to jail. On top of that, in my the many years I've been with my company we've had a few staff members fired for pursuing sexual relationships with students. Does that answer your question? Damn, didn't know that was how it worked. But it seems this is just adults entering into relationships with minors rather than DDLG which doesn't mean it's okay ofc.

Yeah, it' all bad for some of these kids out here. But that's the only time I actually care. If your fetish is to be in a DDLG relationship but you both are consenting adults then that's on you. It looks weird but whatever BBCode. BBCode idk about you but the closer a girl gets to looking like ronald mcdonald, the more aroused i become. But yeah, in public, especially in a kids store, they should have been a lot more mature about it BBCode. I can see it on the part of relieving stress on the Ddlg forums part, since you can just forget about most things and let another person take care of you, it's a form of escapism BBCode.

Im in the same boat, but people get bored of traditional ways I suppose lol. Gesu- Offline ed: Nov Posts: ddlg forums Moog Offline ed: Aug Posts: Gesu- said: and they keep that shit in the bedroom the thing is a lot of those people go to actual children's stores and playgrounds and do weird shit, then get hella offended when someone tells them to fuck off anyways, my outward attitude is live and let live as long as they're doing it away from children but god knows i've seen some hella cringey posts on tumblr that left me gagging permanently so ngl i'm kinkshaming the hell out of that on the inside.

BBCode deadoptimist said: Though I think shit-flinging should also have standards - no personal, no behind the scenes. Sweet Offline ed: Jan Posts: Protectous Offline ed: Sep Posts: 1.

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