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Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Unconventional sensual, erotic, and sexual behaviors herein referred to as kink behaviors investigated by academia are based largely on clinical and criminal cases, and most published, peer-reviewed, quantitative research on these behaviors is based almost exclusively on male participants. For this study, information was collected and analyzed from female participants recruited from the kink community, using a non-clinical and non-criminal sample. We explored and described the preferences and diversity of more than sensual, erotic, and sexual behaviors found among these participants, along with recommendations for continued research.

Gaining a better understanding of the breadth erotic kink depth of activities engaged in by female kink practitioners could benefit educators, counselors, therapists, medical doctors, and other professionals when interacting with members of the kink community. Almost all of these clinical case studies were based on male clients. Early sexologists, such as von Krafft-Ebing and Freud, contended that masochism was the natural state for women; therefore, it was impossible to study female sexual masochism von Krafft-Ebing, By the s, organizations based on erotic preferences such as sadomasochism were sufficiently developed for sex researchers to acknowledge their existence and to begin to study them Queen, It has since been established in scientific literature that community-based empirical studies outside of clinical and criminal contexts are necessary.

For example, in erotic kink Breslow et al. Thus, a total of 40 women were examined. In order to compare their data with the Breslow study, researchers Levitt et al.

From their original subsample of 47 women, 2 surveys were illegible and 11 were assumed by the researchers to be SM prostitutes. Thus, the subsample for analysis consisted of 34 non-prostitute, sadomasochistically-oriented women Levitt et al. In part due to these small sample sizes, it was conjectured that few women participated in kink and those who did participate did so only at the request of a male partner or for financial gain Breslow et al.

Kink was believed to be a male-only phenomenon with little to no intrinsic interest for women.

These assumptions do not leave room for the idea that women enjoy these activities for their own sensual or erotic pleasure nor does it explain the existence of women-only kink events or organizations. Other researchers have also recognized that enough women participate in the kink community to study Breslow et al. Yet, the academic literature is still lacking. Much of the scientific data regarding females from the kink community are based on a handful of anecdotes, and few of the qualitative studies delve into the variety erotic kink their erotic behaviors.

This present research included only female participants in a community-based, non-clinical, non-criminal sample, exploring and describing their preferences and diversity of sensual, erotic, and sexual behaviors. The aim of this study was to build upon the foundations of the quantitative research and to expand the scope of knowledge regarding women.

Furthermore, this study included behaviors that are likely to be unique to women and therefore have not been scientifically investigated in studies. Research has established the necessity of learning to talk intelligently to kink practitioners Breslow et al.

More specifically, further insight into the variety of human sexual expressions may be provided by understanding what women from this community enjoy. For the purpose of this study, a kink behavior refers to unconventional sensual, erotic, and sexual behavior including BDSM-related behaviors physical and psychological stimuli including bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and erotic kinkexhibitionistic behaviors arousal by being observed by othersvoyeuristic behaviors arousal by observing othersfetishistic behaviors arousal by objectsand others. However, some of these terms used by researchers and by the participants associated with those labels do not necessarily describe the behaviors or attitudes of the participants.

Although clinical terms such as sadismmasochismand sadomasochism have been appropriated by certain groups, members of these groups may use the terms non-clinically. There is no authoritative definition of the non-clinical use of these terms nor is there a consensus regarding the behaviors these labels encompass. In this paper, the term kink practitioner refers to a person who participates in at least one of the kink behaviors described, and the term kink community refers to organizations representing kink practitioners.

There may be nuances and differences between these various organizations; however, these differences are outside the scope of this research. The present study investigated the sensual, erotic, and sexual behaviors of women from the kink community in order to both expand on quantitative research found in the literature and address the dearth of data regarding women from this population. A total of participants began the survey between June and May However, only participants who answered at least one question about their sensual, erotic, or sexual behaviors were analyzed.

All participants indicated that they were female and over the age of The erotic kink age was 34 years, and the mean age was The age range was between 19 and 72 years. About half of the women in the sample A majority of participants Table 1 provides detailed information on the relationship status of the participants.

For the erotic kink of this study, questions about these activities were categorized as follows: 62 BDSM-related behaviors, 10 role-play scenarios, 5 forms of exhibitionistic behaviors, 8 forms of erotica, 5 broad of fetishistic behaviors, 24 overt sexual activities, and 12 miscellaneous erotic activities.

These are not rigid and should not be considered as such. The survey instrument 1 was deed to provide data comparable to quantitative studies that investigated behaviors of kink practitioners while concurrently investigating a broader spectrum of human sexual behaviors. Participants were asked to indicate which of activities they willingly participated in for their own sensual or erotic pleasure.

Due to practical limitations, only the questions from the survey about demographic information and quantitative information pertaining to behaviors are reported in this article. Participants were recruited through a variety of kink community events, including social functions, educational workshops, play parties, weekend retreats, and via online forums. Administrators of each group listed on www. These materials included the URL link for the online survey.

The first recruitment effort was in June at a women-only kink erotic kink event. The remaining active recruitment efforts took place from August through December Approval was received from a total of 21 kink organizations during the active recruitment period. Between January and May after the recruitment efforts ended and no additional flyers or invitations were distributedan additional surveys were completed online.

Due to the nature of online social networking, some snowball sampling may have occurred through word-of-mouth, e-mail, and online posts. Answers from the survey were analyzed quantitatively using single variable descriptive statistics and frequency analysis. The following data were collected and analyzed: the activity participated in, the type of participation doing to, having done to, observingthe total of activities per person, and the average and range of of activities participated in.

The participants of this survey indicated that they participated in a much wider variety of activities than has been acknowledged in academic research of kink behaviors. Out of the erotic stimuli provided in this survey, the women in this sample willingly participated in an average of The of activities participants engaged in ranged from 1 to Table 2 shows the percentage of the women who indicated that they participated in the 62 BDSM-related behaviors provided in the survey.

The two activities that had erotic kink highest response rate for erotic and sensual pleasure from the entire survey were touching and kissing. This was consistent with the present findings. Some of the more extreme activities i. It is possible that more dangerous activities have higher erotic value for the sake of fantasy as opposed to physically experiencing them i. Another possible explanation is that these activities are performed by fewer people because they take a certain amount of training, skill, experience or equipment rather than because of a lack of interest.

The present survey explored psychological components of BDSM behaviors and included 12 activities that could fit this description. The present support the idea that bondage is one of the more preferred activities.

As shown in Table 6most of the participants Many women who responded to this survey reported voyeuristic tendencies from observing others in a non-clinical sense. When asked if they received sensual or erotic pleasure by observing any of the 96 activities, Receiving pleasure by observing may be a more common phenomenon among women than ly considered. A total of Clothing, specific body part sand fabrics were the most popular of this subsample, as shown in Table 7. This study does not address the degree of preference or fixation a participant may have with a particular fetish or fetishes, but rather, takes a non-clinical approach to arousal by objects not specifically deed for sexual response.

Researchers have examined additional erotic activities that are not necessarily defined as BDSM behaviors. Specifically, oral sex, anal sex, rimming, and masturbation have been mentioned in studies, and, with the exception erotic kink rimming, all have been found to be common among male and female participants female participants were not asked about rimming in these studies Breslow et al.

Participants in this study were queried regarding 24 overt sexual activities and were offered a choice of up to 5 for each sexual activity. Based on the participants who responded to the question about overt sexual activities, the present found that oral sex cunnilingus and fellatio and anal sex were among the more common of these activities. Almost all of the participants who answered the question about additional erotic activities see Table erotic kink for details indicated that they masturbated solo.

Solo masturbation rates were higher in this study at It is difficult to ascertain why this disparity exists.

Erotic kink

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