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It has been brought to eskimo1958 attention that my stories should be posted in chronological order, so that when my readers return to my site to see if there's a new story, they can just check the top of the list. Here on thisI've kept the old format.

And please, don't forget to visit my Links eskimo1958, where you will find some more reading and visual stimulation. He has a simple life of being the overseer and the one breeding buck in the area. There he befriends some young, underage beauties. Nothing comes of this, except for his introduction to the grandmother of one of the girls.

He invited her to return to enjoy the park without the girls, and he gets a lot more than he had bargained for. She surprises everyone by falling for her 'first one'. Wednesday is the day that all breeding girls are available for all males. Angel gets the added task of taking on some visitors from Africa in their hotel room that evening. There, her and the other girls are the pre-game entertainment, as they're taken by a countless of men for the benefit of charity.

Beth decides that maybe eskimo1958 than one partner could be fun, and the idea of watching another woman with her husband is a big turn-on. Fun for all will certainly follow. She tries to keep her taboo relationship secret, but her oldest daughter walks in on them, and becomes involved with her lover as well. And one decides he needs companionship.

A party is planned, to celebrate the end of the growing season, and the begining of another. Becoming A Nudist - MF, virgin, romance May, -A teen male discovers his girlfriend's family's eskimo1958 lifestyle, and learns how to adapt to that, as well as how to give his girlfriend eskimo1958 proper love making. A young lady learns about love. He is given a rigid test to see if he'll fit in with the household, as he learns the likes and dislikes of four ladies that want to share him.

Part two, is Filling The House. Then introduces them to the nudist lifestyle. Mainly a romance, with the usual ending of all's well that ends well. This was one of those stories that just popped into my head, and was able to finish in a week. She finds the idea of a male as a guide and security can also develop into a lover as well. And more men means more fun, not to mention the prospect of growing belly's.

Tom is surprised at all he can do, and why the ladies treated him to so much fun.

Story eskimo1958 actually based on old joke, written in story form, see ending for punch line. Biography of a Storyville Madame Off - prost December, - reporter interviews a lady that is over a hundred years old. She was a former Madame in the historic Storyville district of New Orleans before she married a politician. She tells part of her story in this interview. Breaking In Party - orgy, anal, oral,FF -Young women returns home form visiting her grandmother, to find a party awaiting her, as her family has an orgy planned, and she is the main attraction.

Lots of fucking, sucking eskimo1958 anal, but no incest. May tie this in with otehr stories. This time he has more than just research, as he helps a young lady, Tina, in dire need of help. What they do to them is revenge. He is trained on how to care and please partners, as is everyone else at camp. Could be tied in into other stories written in future.

Camping Trip - MFF, virgin March, - Ken is sent on a trip west, helping a mom and her daughter enjoy the great outdoors of America. He ends up discovering the great joys eskimo1958 sex by the time the trip is through. Love follows, and she learns more about her body, thanks in part to her two older sisters.

And her new boyfriend enjoys her lessons. Cassie offers more than just managing an office. Three white guys help her eskimo1958 at a restaraunt, and she rewards them during her week long stay by cooking them dinner each night. On Friday night, she presents a special dessert. Story has more story than sex, so not all will like it. Interesting story on how they end up in bed together, and what follows on vacation with friends.

They eskimo1958 retreat too far, though, as the girls put on some quality entertainment. When thouse plans were candeled, she returns home to find that her daughter Candy had some plans of her own, involving some quality time with her black boyfriend. Mom doesn't get mad, she does the only ogical thing and s in. He discovers that older women are great lovers, and sometimes, they even share.

Naturally, she eventually offers herself up to him, as repayment for his kindness. Her roommate Tammy helps her overcome this.

They visit their local swing club, and Cheryl takes on nine guys for a night of eskimo1958 sex. Sparks go off, as a new relationship is born. Coaching eskimo1958 MF, rom December, - A man is coaching and chaperoning a grop og high school boys at a basketball tournament. A business woman befriends them all, but gives the coach a very special eskimo1958 gift.

But a senior football player named Jess Watkins steps in and saves the day. He becomes his teacher, as does the girlfriends of the other linemen. She becomes an exceptional student that loves to study this side of life, and when her and Jess go away for a weekend, she passes her final exam.

She does just that, giving him a whole night of hot sex. Poor guy has a hard time making it to graduation. A short-term romance takes her to new heights. The problem is that the males out the females by a large margin. So, what better way to make everyone happy by having young females be breed by family groups of brothers. A few weeks later, one brings her mother back as sort of a reward.

The two couples learn that sharing is fun, and find out about a swing club, where all inhibitions are lost. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the children are having fun of their own. After the trip, more fun is had, as the parents discover the children's fun. She wants to end her career as a stripper, and become a mommy.

With the help of a helpful nudist, she becomes eskimo1958 and more. She seduces the much younger man, making both of them well-fucked and happy. His luck changes for the better, as he is seduced by another woman, then a group of young coeds. Plus, a younger female named Rita, a virgin and wanting a man.

All five are hockey fans, and a road trip changes their lives. The story continues, as she has encounters with a friend that has eyes on her man. Then her first swingers house party. Which is a rather erotic affair. They meet up with a stunning redhead, which Jim becomes infatuated with, causing Beth to get jealous.

She in turn seeks out comfort int he arms of a much younger and well-hung Jamaican Male, just to get back at her husband. Or is she? Will he reach it? A continuation of the Beginning Of A Harem story. She shows them that sharing is quite fun, as she has lots to offer. Great sex in the rain. Then comes along Monica, and after helping her out of a jam, she helps him as well. Thanks to Joku V for help on this one. The ladies involved are mysterious, eskimo1958 are they?

And why is this happening? And any suggestions for a different title would be considered. Donna, being the helpful friend, decides to take care of those needs, as her husband Paul agrees to it. Eskimo1958 it seems Tom wasn't the only one needing a helping hand.

The Game -- Group May, -- Another story by Anne, which is rather short, but it does fire up the eskimo1958. One day a lady has an accident, and he's called upon to fix the damage. He gets paid in a rather pleasant way. And she wants her younger sister to experience lust as well. He finds not only is mother fine in the sack, but so is the daughter. Then, he starts making a family of his own. Happy Birthday - Orgy, virgin June, - A young lady is invited to her sisters for a very special birthday celebration, where her brother-in-law deflowers her and she quickly learns the joys eskimo1958 sex.

This was my first story that I wrote, and actually contains four stories in all this part. Home Schooling - teen, group, 1st-time, oral, orgy, voy 20 May, -The sixteen children of six couples are home schooled. A new interesting lesson plan unfolds, introducing the teens to the pleasures of sex. Homestead - MF, mf, rom, preg, virg October, -Ben takes his son to the old family farm in Tennessee for the summer.

They find it occupied by a lady and her daughter, who are on the run from her former husband's family. Ben helps out, and he and his son get a wonderful reward. And after hearing how the spouses of her friends have been cheating on them, she decides to reward him for his years of faithfulness. She wasn't sure how to accomplish this, until an old friend returns to town. Kessler tells the doctor in the emergency room the whole story of why his wife busted his head open with a lamp. You'll have eskimo1958 read it to understand the outcome.

This is a very short story, a stab at some humour. Although this story isn't the most sexually graphic, it does give lots of food for the imagination. With, some additional story of having a third person ing their bedroom on a permanent basis.


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