Excessive cum story

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The aliens themselves were pretty excited when they discovered our planet. The more they analysed our living, moving, fornicating bodies going about our daily lives, the more they knew our bodies would be the perfect safe haven for their species.

Growing their s after the near extinction on Betron 5, their last remaining planet, was paramount to any of In this smut story you can decide who you are and what you do. The decisions you make will of course remain erotic and dirty. In addition, each story version will have similar topics and the decisions will cause different events but will not have completely different fetishes.

So will maledom, I encourage anyone and everyone to submit chapters, I will be moderating and check the Guidelines, please. Slobber and spit flew all over Kenny's rigid boner as the girl on her knees worked the hard shaft with everything she had.

Nasty, sloppy noises mixed in with the delighted moans and sucks of the cock crazed whore before him.

With both of her hands roaming up and down the 12 inch monster cock, massaging the over-sized beast, the head of the cock was lodged do I say lab in quotes because it is more of a shed in the backyard with a purifier than an actual lab. First of all, My name is Matt.

I'm 19 and currently a freshman in college. My girlfriend Jean is my age and living with her parents Sorry I kept y'all hanging but I wanted to make sure I treated sex workers with respect and had to do a lot of reflection on how to get it right.

I want this to be an anthology with a lot of diversity and respect for the escorts. Any feedback is appreciated. Jennifer was an average girl, she was 5'2'', had 34B cups, a 30 inch waist and 32 inch hips.

She had mousy brown hair of average length and glasses that made her look like a librarian. She always dreamed of being more than average, she wanted to be sexy. One day Jennifer was in the mall and she stopped by a store she hadn't seen there before.

The ambiance wa I still remember the fear I felt that night, fear for what she would think of me, fear for what her parents would do, and what mine would do. That was the first time I The Omnipotence or the Antifascist of the greedy and taking advantage of others whom are less fortunate.

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Excessive cum story

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A Mother’s Work is Never Done! Chapter Two (Incest, Agegap, Oversized cock, Excessive cum, PregRisk)