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Home […] Forums Life and style Health. I have a fat fetish, I want to get rid of it Watch. Confused about Clearing? Go to first unread. Skip to :. This discussion is closed. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 1 year ago 1. I'm a guy, and I have a fat fetish. I'm not trolling. I wish I was I like overeating to gain weight. But it's got to a point now where I'm just thinking "no I'm around 1.

It's not a crazy amount I guess, but it's still over. If I go to the pub with mates, I'll drink soft drinks. If I'm having a meal, I'll do the same too. I walk a lot, I cycle a lot too. I also go to the gym. I do eat fruit and veg and eat healthily too, but I do overeat due to this fetish. Like I'll go to McDonald's and have a large meal plus a 20 nugget box.

Or if I walked into Krispy Kreme, I'll buy a box of donuts and have the lot. I feel fine now, but I just want this to go. I know it'll be bad for my health. It's just hard though, like I don't know how to get rid of it? I try and talk myself out of it, but the next day, I'll go back to it. I'm bisexual.

This "fetish" also makes me interested in larger guys and girls like 2 fat fetish forum overweight or so. I genuinely do not know what to do. Again, I'm not trolling. This is all for real. Thank you. Not what you're looking for? Report 1 year ago 2. I feel like there's this "need" or "compulsion" to turn back to the food or to constantly evaluate yourself? I doubt that what you are describing this attraction to larger guys and girls is what a fat fetish really is - i think it's just exactly what you say it is: an attraction to larger guys and girls - everyone has their preferences.

But then again i'm not a psychologist or anything. Anonymous 2. Report 1 year ago 3. Not really well versed in eating disorders but know some things about fetishes having one myself though not fat fetish forum based. If you're not attracted to overweight guys because they're overweight, you don't really have a fat fetish.

Making yourself overweight can be incorporated eg. Provided you do not get overweight to an unhealthy extent, you can make it work. But you should closely monitor stuff in that case since it could easily spiral and it goes without saying it could bend badly. You don't generally "get rid" of fetishes, if you'd rather not pursue it irl you can always try watching porn centred around your fetish to satisfy it.

If you're doing this because of some body image issue, it sounds like a more "typical" eating disorder. If you are unable to control your eating you should see a medical professional. Report Thread starter 1 year ago 4.

Original post by Anonymous Not really well versed in eating disorders but know some things about fetishes having one myself though not weight based. Report 6 months ago 5. It's a bit like homosexuality, especially back in the day. They don't have to act on it and can stay single or date only the opposite gender if they want but it's still kinda there.

If you like being heavier and overeating and you weren't as happy when you lost the weight maybe the fat life is for you. There's nothing wrong with that unless it effects your health or you stop liking it. A lot of media will probably tell you you're gross but I have an equally 'gross' fetish and honestly as long as you like it and aren't badly affected by it, go for it.

Good luck dude, I hope you figure this out. Back to top. Related discussions.

Fat fetish forum

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