Fingernail fetish

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I have a serious nail fetish and like well painted finger nails but nails on feet is a turn off but when I was at the age of 11 I always wud get errections over my cousins nails ans it was very akward but she had no problems with letting me feel them and I enjoyed it so much!!!

But I wasn't sexually attracted to my cousin but all. It was was her nails she wore acrylic ones and there were my favourite!

Fingernail fetish

I barely watch porn and I am a virgin, but I have a serious nail fetish and nails are one of my biggest sexual turn ons. I never had a girlfriend yet but many of the people who I had feelings for had some amazing nails and all I could do is wish that I could be tickled and scratched by them, especially the nipples since that is my favorite spot to be touched at. Since I was 11 I would spend hours looking up pictures and videos of nails and just marvel and of course get turned on and would have to relieve myself.

I would even watch nail videos of woman taking care of their natural nails, women and even sometimes men tapping and scratching objects with long nails, and even watching people fingernail fetish scratched and pinched and tickled by nails and all I could do is wish that I was there and that someone would touch me in that manner. I would even fingernail fetish my own grow and touch myself especially my nipples while looking at these pictures and videos, and I would pretend that as I touched myself that it was the women in the pics and videos touching and caressing me.

Natural nails are one of the greatest important factors of a woman to me and I really hope my future wife won't find it weird that I would enjoy to be frequently touched and scratched by her it is seriously one of my heart's deepest desires.

Fingernail fetish

I went to a nail salon and had them put 4 inch long nails on me and polished them bright red. I have this wild fetish fingernail fetish long fingernails. I came home and was so turned on. I know it's weird but it was so kinky for me - I am a men. It is your passion you are enjoying and I am the same way. I love long nails on men and reading your story has also turned me on as well. You need a Premium to access that feature! We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium.

Fingernail fetish

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Fingernail fetish

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Fingernail fetish Fingernail fetish

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