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Full Version: Forced feminisation. You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. Bill, Melodie and Gigi: I am smiling! All wonderful thoughts and memories. Melodie: I remember the Toni and Tonette perm kits very well, even without having sisters. The Tonette box said it was for children, not specifically girls. I really wanted to be permed, even knowing the smell. I have no idea why- it's just how I came wired- pink!

It's complicated even looking back now. I was naturally inclined to be a girl my parents even asked me when I was six if I wanted to be a boy or a girlyet I grew to like being a boy as well. But a boy who also liked being girly and wearing dresses and having his hair curled.

I guess I wanted the best as I saw it of both worlds. In petticoats and permed curls Miss Kimmi. In petticoats and permed curls Miss Kimmi For me it was being part of the gang. One of the girls listening to all the adult gossip. No one saying things like whats that boy doing here? Being told how lovely i looked and being dressed with approval of the girls. If i could have taken a twirl at the time i would still be swirling round today. The mix of boy and girl has always been a part of me.

The boy who wanted to forced feminization forum one of the girls in petticoats and party dresses and curtsying and his hair in permed curls but who also grew up to like being a boy. I hoped for "forced" feminization so I had cover to explore my inner girl. I just wish I had said yes when my mother wanted me to go out as a girl for Halloween. Yet, I worried that she and everyone else would see how much I loved being a girl.

As it was, I went stealth and whenever home alone as a teenager, borrowed my mom's slip and her curlers and setting lotion and set my all forced feminization forum short hair like teenage girls did back then. Baseball by day and cute?? I so wanted to be permed, as a girl- not a boy perm. In petticoats and permed curls Miss Kimmi I remember the smell of the setting lotion and the hairspray. The curlers and hecarves. The plastic bib as ' you got your make up done.

Hi, My mom used to use to Tony Little girl's home perm on me. Yes it did stink but I had the curliest hair of all the kids in school I don't know the make of my perms. I just remember the chemical smell and the smell of the hairspray and the smell of perfume on the lovely hecarves that i had to wear.

For me, the bridesmaid, but the look would need some serious work. Garters with stockings, some real heels, and opera gloves, to start with. I love the little dress. A pretty, feminine look with a wonderful sweep and a flouncy feel, just perfect. Cruelly, your Mistress instructs you to choose your fate.

Which do you choose? My vote was definitely for the bride's dress. I would love to be standing up at the altar again in that lovely dress while my wife stood with me. I see it as showing the world that I have accepted the role reversal and acknowledge that I am better off as a feminized husband who would take his vows much more seriously. I can only imagine your husband's humiliation at being dressed in his dainty bridal lingerie and stockings, and all the while staring at a beautiful white dress he knows he's about to be put into.

Will you choose a long or short dress for him? Forced feminization forum it were up to me I'd choose short, perhaps very short. Then he'd be worrying not only about being seen dressed as a bride, but fearful of showing his stocking tops too.

Will you have bridesmaids too? If so may I offer my services?! Well, I don't think he'd be too humiliated with the dressing part. Kyle enjoys his Heather side and likes being pretty.

He's even a bit vain about it actually. What might be a little humiliating would be the more public aspects of it. Getting the bridal treatment at a salon would probably be somewhat humiliating for him, though our stylist definitely knows about his Heather side to some degree because she follows my instructions regarding his hair which have often been quite non-masculine, and she's seen other little things like his nails painted, etc. But having a ceremony with other people would definitely up the embarrassment factor for him.

I doubt I could get him to go for having many people there, but there are a couple of people who I'm sure would be bridesmaids. My sister definitely knows about Heather. As for dress, I'd probably go for something pretty classic for him, something to really embrace the experience. I look at dresses all of the time and a couple of my favorite ideas for him are things like these. This one is probably my favorite. I love the idea of him in cap sleeves with a ballgown style. This one is amazing with the beading, the high tight waist, the hint of decolletage, the incredible back detail, and those fantastic airy skirts.

I already know how I'd want his bridal hair and it will require at least a mid-back length. It's below shoulders now, but he'll have at least a year or more to get to mid back from where he is now. Sara, I like the idea of being dressed as a bridesmaid, since I witnessed a young man in that role,when I was a teen. I bet you could find some guys like kyle, to do that, and have your ceremony, if you place a local ad.

Did you dress up kyle fully on your wedding night? You've actually seen a boy being a bridesmaid? I've heard of that happening but don't know anyone who's actually witnessed it in person. But I don't really think I want strangers in my ceremony to be honest. But there are a couple of people I know who could be bridesmaids for us. And no, not on the wedding night. I was too eager to get him out of those boy clothes and into bed But the bridal lingerie was pretty darn sexy.

But other than strip him down, about forced feminization forum only thing I did to girl him up was swap out forced feminization forum earrings and take his hair out of the ponytail he wore for the wedding and brush it out.

It was pretty long then. Yes, it's not the sort of episode you forget haha. In fact I'd be skeptical about much more of what I read online, if I hadn't seen it for myself-- albeit, under circumstances that wouldn't likely materialize elsewhere. I was in Mexico on a youth exchange program one summer, many years ago now, and a daughter getting forced feminization forum in my host family, had asked a male cousin who was at the time, to stand in as one of her bridal attendants basically a bridesmaid.

This kid who she asked, actually played on the same youth soccer team I did that summer. As I understood it, he was asked to serve forced feminization forum to a long-standing tradition supposing that having non-relatives in the bridal party, portended bad luck, mainly infertility. All I know is that the tradition had been taken somewhat seriously for quite awhile, at least by some, and the girl had asked her male cousin to stand in, because she apparently didn't have enough younger female relatives in the area-I was told this was not unheard of, although not that common.

I guess the bride-to-be must have figured Marco would make the most passable among her young male relatives. On the day of the ceremony, I think he stayed out of sight as much as he could, but shortly before the nuptials, I saw and made eye contact with him briefly--he smiled awkwardly.

That and the rest of what I saw, sent electrical waves through me! I'm heterosexual and have always been attracted to females, but something about seeing Marco dressed up just triggered something I hadn't felt or fully understood up to then--and still probably don't. I recognized him immediately, not as a boy, but as a boy I knew who looked like a girl, and caused the same feelings in me a girl did. He had on very light make-up, wore a flower in his natural hair like the other attendants, was dressed in lingerie--I was told anyway, he seemed to sheepishly confirm it later when I asked--and had on a long pink pleated nylon or polyester dress with lace decolletage and wispy toulle sleeves accessorized with white patent sling-backed high-heeled dress sandals he wore with sheer nylons or pantyhose, through which his red-polished toenails could be seen.

Quite intrigued, I surreptitiously followed Marco around almost the entire time he was dressed, both at the wedding and the reception. It was especially fun watching him clicking and clacking around in the strappy shoes they were quite the contrast from the soccer cleats I was used to seeing him make noise in.

Being kids, a few of us gave Marco a hard time about his predicament, but we knocked that off real fast after one of the mothers threatened to make us all get dolled up! Looking back, today I wish dearly that I'd pushed my luck at that time, and got us all in trouble. Alas, I didn't have that kind of foresight, all I was thinking of was being in Marco's predicament, and the mortification of being dressed up in front of the girls our age.

To this day, I still have a fetish for pink bridesmaid dresses and patent dress sandals. I know you've said you introduced x-dressing into your relationship with Kyle, early on. How did that go? Do you ever dress Kyle up in lingerie and heels when you make love?

Forced feminization forum the fourth image, as while it still truly would showcase the male in appropriate feminine attire and persona we should be made to please our Female Master That's exquisitely humiliating - being made to wear a frilly dress in front of male and female relatives.

I wonder if he got put across one or more of their laps and had his dress lifted to reveal a pair of dainty panties before having his bottom spanked. That picture of the boy wearing the frilly dress in front of relatives, brought back some very embarrassing memories for me. It was at a family party and my mother dressed me in a very girly, party dress complete with a petticoat, pantyhose, maryjane shoes with about one inch heel, wearing makeup, earrings, other jewelery, my hair curled, and with a bow.

I was about 12 or 13 and it was the most girly I had ever been. It was sort of a punishment for me for bad grades in school. I did not know who was coming to the party, I sort of hoped it was not too many people.

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