Girls that will send nudes on facebook

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And there are many others. Not to downplay the suffering caused by such operators in any way — there have been multiple suicides related to such cases — but those lone wolves are rank amateurs compared with the massive network of fraudulent s that catfish male victims using stolen photos of young women and adolescent girls.

They knew that the s were fake because the photos had been stolen from Instagram s or personal Facebook profiles. Some of the fake s are massive: they have , , or evenfollowers.

It starts with a friend request from a young, hot babe. Within minutes of an intended victim accepting the request, the fake will invite the target to her in a sexy webcam chat, such as on Skype or Google Hangouts. Once they do, the first step into a sextortion trap has been taken. Yates, in the Radio-Canada web series Corde sensible, paraphrases a typical sextortion threat:.

That worked quite well, Tremblay said:. Private conversations soon ensued. After six minutes of chatting, she asked him to turn on his camera so they could have video sex. She starts off by showing you the video, she sends you a link on YouTube. To figure out how it was structured, he analyzed around Facebook posts from about 40 fake s. Every time one fake profile tagged another, he recorded the source and its target.

Then, using network analysis software, he mapped s according to their relationships. He also used a network-detecting algorithm that determines which profiles interact with each other more than with the rest of the network. What he came up with was a structure comprising three : feeder s, bait s and hunter s. Feeder s are on the front line, serving as a gateway into the network. Instead, they publish clickbait: phony contests, dummy IQ tests and lifehacks.

Radio Canada says the posts often get hundreds or thousands of likes, shares and comments. Given that those bait s appear to belong to beautiful women, the titillated will click on the bait s and start following them. Given that they promote porn, the bait s are sometimes flagged and removed by Facebook. Radio Canada says that this is an important step that le to the innermost layer where the sextortion trap is sprung: the layer of fake s it calls hunter s. Bait s have created a perfect environment for sextortion to happen.

They are perfect targets for the hunter s. These users receive, by the dozen, friend requests from the hunter s. These hunter s often get banned, having triggered Facebook algorithms that spot fake s by picking out ones that amass a huge of followers in a brief amount of time. The s seem to be running a cyberprostitution ring, Yates writes…. Follow NakedSecurity on Twitter for the latest computer security news.

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Girls that will send nudes on facebook

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Beware the fake Facebook sirens that flirt you into sextortion