How i became a hotwife

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In most ways we are just like any young married couple. I was twenty-six when we married and Alan was twenty-eight, so we had both had partners and relationships before we met. Alan had a few more conquests and I had known three of his former girlfriends - it was one who introduced us. Like most couples we occasionally talked about our ex lovers and John always seemed fascinated to hear about mine.

He especially liked me to tell him about my one-night stand and he said he was lucky to be married to a sex vixen as he called me. It did seem to turn him on and sometimes he wanted me to pretend he was a stranger. That always led to some hot and crazy sex. Unlike Alan, who never seemed to mind my sexual activity, I was always a bit jealous of one of his ex-girlfriends, Monica, who I had known through work.

How i became a hotwife

She was the most stunning tall leggy blonde imaginable and she had done some modelling. Her face was cute and her mouth seemed to hold a permanent sexy pout with full lips always just open enough to suggest they would accept a cock at any moment. I would quiz Alan about her and I was always surprised that he insisted she was lousy in bed despite looking so hot.

One day I bumped into her at a local caf? This time, I just kept asking more and more questions until Alan revealed a few details I had never heard before. She is such a narcissist; she only cares about how she looks. Sometimes, I really wondered if it mattered to her that I was doing it to her! I could imagine that I was watching any man fucking her - not necessarily me. That was the part I enjoyed. I could make up any fantasy I wanted about the scene in front of me. In the end, that became the only turn on.

She broke up with me. It was because of the mirrors and my fantasies. I told her that I liked to imagine I was watching other men fucking her. Alan was quiet and sheepish. He had a guilt look on his face, so I already knew what the answer would be.

I reassured him that I would be OK if the answer was yes. But at last I understand why you like me to tell you about my fuck with the Dutchman. Alan seemed so worried and sincere. Alan took me in his arms and we kissed tenderly, relishing the intimacy of our newfound understanding.

And if you like we can have mirrors in the bedroom. That way I get really nice brand new closets and you can come out of the closet with your dirty mind! Alan started to cover me in kisses and I could feel him becoming aroused. My mind began to wander back to my Dutchman and my orgasm came quickly. He was so happy to be talking about his fantasy. I knew just how to tip him over the edge. I pulled his head down close to my face and whispered in his ear.

My Dutchman had the biggest cock I have ever had. It was so massive that it was almost painful! Fuck me hard so I can imagine his beautiful cock inside me! Alan gasped a few how i became a hotwife and came instantly, moaning repeatedly as he pumped his hot seed into me. Especially if I get some nice new closets with full length mirrors! Once the new closets were in and Alan put another mirror above the bed we started to fuck much more often. We had only been married three years, however we were back to sex almost every night and sometimes more, just like newlyweds.

Steadily the bedroom talk began to escalate. Alan would describe what he was imagining in great detail and I began to look forward to fucking the strangers in his mind. I watched in the mirror as he pretended I was fucking a banker, delivery men, a colleague from work called Doug who I reckon is super hot and all manner of other men. Gradually I began to like watching myself being fucked and we tried all sorts of positions so I could watch his cock from the best angle. One evening, when I came home from work I was feeling particularly horny. Alan was in the lounge and I called in to him from the doorway.

With that I ran upstairs and stripped off and just lay on the bed waiting. Alan was up soon and we had the hottest fuck imaginable. I was ready to fuck another man. I could do it. I could fuck another man if you really want me to!

Alan was how i became a hotwife excited. We discussed all the possibilities and started to hatch our plans. It was fun doing this with my husband - because we were doing it together. Somehow it seemed so natural and loving. The most important thing was to have Alan watch me fuck the other man and for me to watch it in our mirrors.

We were worried that it might be hard to find another man who would be happy to fuck me in front of Alan, so Alan suggested that we fill the empty wall with a full size two way mirror and Alan could sit in the spare room next to our master bedroom and watch all the action. He could even film it secretly from there. In a couple of weeks we were ready and Alan had tried out filming me masturbating from the other side of the mirror. Everything worked perfectly and I enjoyed exhibiting myself to my dirty husband, knowing he was jerking off too!

The next problem was finding a suitable first candidate. We thought about me going out and seducing total strangers. In the end we decided that I should go for Doug, my co-worker who I had always fancied. He was married but I was sure I could persuade him to have a little on the side!

I started to dress sexier at work and find excuses to visit Doug in his department. On Friday of the first week, Doug invited me for a drink after work so I knew I had his interest. We went to a quiet bar and sat in a booth away from prying eyes. After a couple of drinks I was relaxed and started to flirt with Doug, touching him on the arm, getting real close and looking deep into his eyes. Our conversation became more intimate and we confessed we were attracted to each other. The sexual tension was amazing. I was shaking with lust.

We caressed each other, Doug cupping my breast and me feeling the sizable bulge in his pants. Between the erotic kissing Doug told me we should probably stop and he got cold feet, saying he should go home to his wife. I felt like such a scheming slut and I loved it! Then I rushed home to Alan to tell him what I had done.

Alan was so excited when I told him about Doug that we how i became a hotwife twice on the lounge! The whole weekend we just talked about seducing Doug and spent hours fucking in front of the mirror trying to imagine Doug was fucking me. Then I headed back to my desk and called Alan immediately to tell him it was on for Wednesday afternoon, so he could arrange to be home to watch. Alan and I had a good laugh and I sent Doug back a cheeky little. Thanks for agreeing to take a deep dive into new areas of opportunity with me. I have a feeling that we will find out how much we can both contribute and get a great outcome.

We had a light lunch and shared a bottle of wine. We talked about sex and held hands. When nobody was looking he leaned over and we kissed. Just to make Doug comfortable, I sent Alan a text with our pre-agreed coded message.

How i became a hotwife

No thanks; I may be a bit late. I will be locked away until seven at the earliest. I have lots of mirrors because I like to watch myself being fucked. It was a little after two thirty when I entered our bedroom with Doug. I smiled at the full wall mirror knowing Alan would be the other side of the mirror watching me.

Doug and I stood at the end of the bed kissing and slowly undressing each other. I wanted this to last for my own pleasure and to give Alan a great show. I had just let my skirt slip to the floor and I kept on my high heel pumps and kicked it away. How i became a hotwife wanted to look like the slut I was about to be.

I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled Doug towards me so I could suck his cock. Alan would have the perfect view and I wondered if he was already jacking himself off watching. The sensation of exploring a new man was really turning me on. Everything was a thrill. His smell, the different way the hair surrounded his cock, the weight of his balls as I cupped them in my hand, the way his cock responded to my sucking and as I teased his cockhead with my teeth.

All my senses were heightened and I was heady with lust. This new cock was my sex toy and I intended to play with it for my own total satisfaction!

How i became a hotwife

I looked up at Doug and our eyes met. He was completely at my mercy! Doug immediately dropped to his knees between my legs, placing his tip between my labia lips and massaging my juices over my clit. Wow, that felt good! After some teasing, Doug pulled away a little and dropped his mouth onto my mound, expertly pulling my clit between his lips. He was good at this and in no time I could feel my orgasm building. With Doug busy between my legs, I could safely turn to the mirror to watch the porno-like scene. As I watched myself with another man sucking my pussy, I was thankful that my husband was such a dirty-minded bastard!

Maybe it was being an exhibitionist that really turned me on, but at that moment I had a mind shattering and belly wrenching orgasm. Doug knew how to use his cock and I wrapped my legs around him as we found a beautiful fucking rhythm. Doug was also looking over to the big mirror. We were both looking towards Alan and it was a great scene! We looked great. I still had my stockings and shoes on.

I looked like a total whore and I loved it. I was putting on how i became a hotwife show for Alan and myself and I hoped he was getting it all on video. You are the first man apart from my husband to do me in front of the mirror. I want to try lots of positions so I can watch you fuck me!

Doug withdrew and I slipped off my shoes, panties and bra, repositioning myself on all fours for a doggie fuck. I watched our new position, seeing his juice glistening cock as he re-entered me from behind. I was in heaven as he pushed his full length into me and I had to struggle to keep my eyes open as the first waves of pleasure started to hit me. Each thrust sent a shock wave through my body and my bum and tits jiggled with his rhythm.

How i became a hotwife

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