How to find a girl with a foot fetish

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The MousePad. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 7 posts. Hi guys This summer has been the most sexually frustrating of my life. Lo of sexy women walking around with their feet out and, while I love it, it drives me crazy as well because all I want to do is I'm a single guy and I really want to have sex with a girl who is cool about the whole foot fetish thing.

But I'm shy about my fetish and have never told anyone I've ever met in person about it. Therefore I wondered if there were ANY foot fetish dating web sites where guys like us can meet up with girls who are ok with feet. I reckon I'm probably dreaming to think that there are women out there who have a foot fetish as well we all know it's almost exclusively a male thing but I wondered if there are any sites where women are just open to the idea.

Even if there aren't any specific foot fetish dating sites out there, has anybody ever come across a fetish dating site, which has a foot fetish section perhaps or a selection of members who are into feet? I recently ed Alt. There are two or three members that I have contacted who claim to be into feet but, although it's early days and I may be wrong, I get the feeling they're just dominatrix-type women who just want to get me interested so I'll pay to visit them in their dungeon or whatever.

And I don't want to do that. I want to find someone who might enjoy it and not expect to get paid for it and make me feel like I've used a prostitute!

How to find a girl with a foot fetish

I wondered if any of you lot had any success stories or know of anywhere that you've found foot fetish women or even if you've had any bad experiences and could point out some of the potential pitfalls or danger s that you might be being taken for a ride. Anyway, hope to hear from some of you and thanks for reading this essay of a post!!

How to find a girl with a foot fetish

I felt the same when I told my girl it took me two years to tell her and wen I did she told me she new I liked feet because I played with hers so often any chance I got I played with them rubbing them just even the littlest touch would make me hard now she give me footjobs all the time if I could give you any advise it try meeting a nice girl any way leave it a couple of tines wen you have sex just touch her feet and wen you have her on her back sit on ur knees and put her feet on ur chest or even hole her feet in you hands this way you can even kiss her feet and even suck her toes!

She won't mind at all because you will be penetrating very deep in this way too I still do this now it turns me on know end! Message back if you wonna keep in contact and mande trade some stories or pics. I'll be honest here; I was prepared to give some decent, half-assed advice. But I'm too lazy to read these paragraphs. So; here's some completely random words and phrases to help your current situation.

Once upon a time, I was a bashful young lad. Time to overcome your shyness and speak up about what you want. Real women don't hang out on the Internet because they have no problem meeting people in real life. And as you already pointed out, the answer is right in front of you, all around, staring you in face even. Alright try this I know it can be tough to bring this up in "reall life" so break the ice on the internet. one of the online dating sites like plentyoffish.

Make yourself as nice and normal of a profile as possible. When a girl sends you a message send her a nice normal note back.

How to find a girl with a foot fetish

From there you may suggest IMing or something to take it to the next level so to speak but still behind the comforts of the computer. Once again try to act as nice and charming as possible during the IM conversation and the first time she throws you a compliment say "Oh please you may not even like me, I'm kind of quirky".

How to find a girl with a foot fetish

That will pique her interest and when she asks what you mean say something like "I love sleeping late and I have a bit of a foot fetish". Always mix in something else with the foot fetish line but something that won't overshadow that. I've tried that like 5 times and i'd say 4 out of the 5 times the girl came back and said "oh wow, I love that" or "that's cool, what do you do to feet?

If for some reason she goes "ewww yuck" then you click the X button and move on. There are plenty of fish in the sea - so to speak.

How to find a girl with a foot fetish

If you keep the conversation light and funny then you can slip in the foot fetish thing easily. Paint your foot fetish as something that is like a joke to you and don't play it up. You and the girl don't know each other well and its a conversation starter, and it is less creepy. Thanks for the advice guys. I think you're all right about slipping it in light-heartedly if the opportunity presents itself.

If we don't treat it like a big deal then it probably won't sound like a big deal to her either. From reading what you guys and other people on this forum on different thre have said, I think there's a "right" period of time to tell a girl about our fetish - early on after you've had a few dates but it's still nothing serious.

That way if she has got a problem with it, you're not devastated because you haven't completely fallen for her yet. I'll take your advice on board and let you know how I get on with any potential girlfriends. Tapatalk promotion. Back to top. OK. Choose Display Mode Original Dark.

How to find a girl with a foot fetish

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