How to get any girls phone number

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An old internet trick for getting a girl's phone has once again resurfaced, and it's too good not to try it. Using only a calculator, you can determine literally anyone's phone .

Getting her digitsman, it's a raw deal. Talking to a lady is one thing, but when at some point in the conversation you have to go "so, uh, is there a way I can talk to you NOT in person? What if she says no — you might literally die right there where you stand. There are any of ways of asking for her that range from cheesy to sleazy, but the best way might just be a little trick that's been around since at least But it was recently resurfaced yesterday by Greg Dybec at Elite Dailyand it's as impressive as it is simple. All you need is a calculator. In fact, you don't even need one — as long as she has one on her phone, you're good.

Here's how it works:. At this point, you're left with a large 8-digit that is definitely not her phone. Here, it's up to you how much drama you want to add. Ideally, now is when you ask to see her phone, where you feign puzzlement at your failure. What you'll need to happen though, whether you do it yourself or ask her to do it, is to divide by 2. The result will be the last 7 digits of her phoneand you already have her area code from step one.

You can simply show her the on her phone, or enter it into your phone and call it youself if you want to be just a little bit creepy. That's how a 7-digit phone is represented on a calculator screen, but then just asking a girl to essentially punch in her own phone wouldn't be all that mysterious, would it?

Everyone likes a good magic trickand if you're clever enough to figure out her using only a calculator, there's a good chance she'll let you keep it.

The first area codes were given out based on population, and cities with larger populations got area codes that were quick to dial on a rotary phone. That's why New York haswhile rural areas like parts of Texas got Search AskMen Search.

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How to get any girls phone number

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This Is How To Get Any Girl's Phone Using Just A Calculator