How to get someone to spank you

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So you want to be spanked.

No, there are much better methods for getting your boyfriend to accommodate your spanking needs. How to get my boyfriend to spank me is a common question, and we will provide the answers. If you are tired about just thinking about how to get my boyfriend to spank you, and want him to start doing it, here are some ways:. Maybe you can bite him or slap him on the butt.

Then you can tell him that you deserve a spanking for doing that. Or buy underwear that is see-through only at the butt. One of the top fantasies women have is that of being forcefully ravished by a man. So if that sounds like you, tell him that you want to be dominated, and the way you like him to show his control is to give you a good spanking. You then respond that you need to be punished for being so naughty.

He might then pick up that you want to be spanked at this point. To get the most pleasure from being spanked, have him bend you over his knee. Then, have him put a pillow under your stomach for maximum comfort and positioning. You can also get down on all fours or lie down on your stomach. He should be spanking the meatier part of your butt cheek where the cheek meets your thigh.

After the spank, it feels good for him to lightly caress the area he just spanked. Your boyfriend can use several tools besides his hand to spank you. You might even enjoy a massage or a soft tickle to begin. Then, he can work his way up to letting you feel the sting of the intense slap. His hand: Start by having him use his hand, of course. He can smack you on your butt open-handed, or he can cup his hand. Both feel different and make different sounds. A paddle: available in wood, leather, silicone or metal : Each type of paddle feels differently, and all of them are more forceful than the hand.

You might want to have him start with his hand and then switch to the paddle. This tool might be too intense to use right from the beginning. A whip: You can find whips or even riding crops in all sorts of lengths and styles. Whips usually make a loud, cracking noise. A flogger: This is like a whip, but it has many tails. Floggers made of soft material, such as suede, might be better when you first start.

A cane will probably leave marks on your skin. Now that you know how to get the job done, there are some ground rules you should consider. You need a safe word that you can say if the spanking is hurting you more than exciting you. Spanking is one of those activities that provides pleasure even though some pain is involved.

The reason I write this is because of the use of hard and heavy instruments for spanking. If the sensation is too chocking it tends to result in blocking the memory of it and there you are; the effect is questionable. Here is a little information about this birch bundle made from very thin ends of twigs. Have in mind that this birch branch bundle dries very quickly. You can easily soften it by putting it into a big ceramic bowl or anything with hot water. It then becomes as good as new and fresh. I think that these implements that are mentioned here very often are too harsh and nearly cruel!

I strongly recommend a bundle of about ten, very thin branches from a birch tree, for example! A proper length can be about one foot two. It should look like this, without any buds and perhaps with even thinner ends of the twigs:. No noise at all, at least from the tooland very effective but still harmless. You can normally start up with 20 to 30 slaps with open hand and then use this bundle!

If you want to be very silent you of course use this method immediately, It is a very mild form of spanking at the beginning but after about 50 lashes it makes a sharp, stinging feeling that can not be ignored. Then you pause for a minute or two and then continue. All of this can and should be done several times but of course it is up to yourselves.

Do not forget, during a maintenance spanking, to communicate with caresses and hugs. Friendly, Sigurd.

Close search. You may want to remove your underwear before the spanking begins! Lust June 07, It should look like this, without any buds and perhaps with even thinner ends of the twigs: Inline image No noise at all, at least from the tooland very effective but still harmless. Sigurd Nilsson December 14, I Ben a boy please come an spank good ok then then I slow put dick in your ass slow ok. Waynecopeland February 15, Leave a comment Name. Back to News.

How to get someone to spank you

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