Hypno fetish stories

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Remember me. Username: Password: Remember me. Forgot your information? Advertise on WarpMyMind. Create Advertise on WarpMyMind. A Visit to the Sports Therapist. I mean, looking back on it, Musk Kink. Fattened up by my roommates Ch1 and 2. Nagisa Shiota's Bedwetting Quest. Finding out similar diaper interests. Diaperfur at the park, or is she? The Sexual Sorceress of Mind Lust. A poor choice in life decisions. My introduction to becoming a Sissy boy. A Lovely Volunteer from the Audience. Charless and the Little One Your hate Hardcore femdomination of a cop. Charless and the Little one Ch 2.

The story of the forbidden silks. The Subliminal Hunt Werewoman Subliminals. Aprendendo idiomas. Charless and the Little One ch1. Time heals all wounds chapter 1. Daddy's Good Girl diapered male in a dress. Professional Heroine Association vs Hypnorobbers. Euphrates Pharmaceuticals: Back-Door Medicine. Good Toys Don't Think - Trance script. Spiral Staircase and Crib Induction. Bambi Sleep - Introduction and start. Charless 45 Good Black Friday. Knot your average wolf edited. Charless and the slave railly white. From popular hypno fetish stories school "mean girl' to complete bimbo slut chapter 1.

Lee Intellect and The Jewel of Mezmos. Charless and the slave unit new years. Charless: Chapter 43 Turkey Sacrifice. Charless and the Slave Unit: Chapter Puppy's Training Camp Chapter 1. A story about me and my girlfriend after I hypnotized her to like public action.

Was the huntER. Now the huntED. Charless and the Slave Unit. Beachside Rubber Buizel Transformation. Chad the Pampered Puppy Chapter 2. Charless and the Slave Unit: and challenges. Charless and the Slave Unit Chapter 36 MOW. Contract Charles and The Slave unit. Mind Games diapers, bladder, bowel, cross dressing boy.

Sissy Housewife Learns to Eat Cum. Leaking through my diaper in public true. A test. Read out loud, 1 letter at a time. See what happens. Chad hypno fetish stories Pampered Puppy Chapter 1. Charless Chapter 35 Negotiations p. Charless Chapter 34 Negotiations p. Mess-it vanellopie by the unthinker. Diaper hypnosis with my girlfriend. What Happened to Me This is my therapy. Charless Chapter 33 I been feeding on the railroad. My own story. Ch 30 Check in Charless and the Slave Unit. Training to Be a Submissive Sissy. The hike plant transformation. A sexy woman plans a birthday party for her boyfriend.

Twleve days of diapers by the unthinker. Script milk maid- my stay at the farm. Going back to the sissy hospital. My new life as a sissy chapter 5. My new life as a sissy chapter 4. My new life as a sissy chapter 3. My new life as a sissy chapter 2. Losing Herself In Another World. The danger of post-hypnotic suggestions on little Sisters. Please don't make me a baby too. Intentional Wetters gets Diapered. Venus Diaper Trap by the unthinker. My journey with mind programming. Cardcaptor diaper by the unthinker.

The Premie Peter Saga - Chapter2. The red old fashioned iPod D Derpy, Droopy, Dirty Diaper Dragoness. This is an induction, will become submissive. Feminization acceptance and assitance - The story behind the file. Fishing Buddies part IV conclusion. Female Orgasm Control via Hypnosis. Froslass Transformation Loop Mantra. Old Deuteronomy-Cats the Musica. Jolteon Transformation Conditioning. Renamon hypnosis for subliminal. Perceptions edited format hopefully. Self-Bondage turns to blackmail.

Wagging Tails over Winter Break Part 2. CumLove; how I learned to love my own cum. Babby Gurls first time with daddy. If you act like a baby, I will treat you like a baby.

From Straight to Gay to Prostitute. From Husband to castrated Sissy. Just a little somethine my slave and I did once. Wagging Tails over Winter Break. Psycho-Electro Treatments of Dr. The double cross A forced cuckold story.

Side Effects: how sean got tricked into being shauna. The Enslavement Of Elena the Slut.

Hypno fetish stories

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