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Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Corona Column 3 Use these free activities to help kids explore our planet, learn about global challenges, think of solutions, and take action. Parent reviews for iFunny :. Common Sense says No joke, this humor app is a rude mess kids should avoid.

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Add your rating. Parents say 34 Kids say Adult Written by Cxtcx April 8, Lots of porn on this app This is not for. Too much porn and underage girls are posted on this site. This title contains: Sexy stuff. This review Helped me decide 1. Had useful details 1. Read my mind 1. Report this review. Adult Written by Milkmn60 April 17, Would not allow children on this. I am an adult.

I use iFunny to share and view memes and clips.

It is common for users to post pin ups. My issue is I have come across several users that are posting pictures of young ladies. They are visibly below legal age. So they would not be removing the content. Fully clothed to iFunny is bikini or bra and ifunny nude. I brought to their attention that this could be seen as child erotica. This would mean that the model does not need to be nude to be considered cp. I like iFunny for sharing memes and clips but I was disappointed that they were complacent with the sharing of such content.

Rather be safe then sorry. I also brought to iFunny attention other platforms having the same issue and are acting on removing such content. Adult Written ifunny nude Dteh July 15, IReallyFunny I think this app is ifunny nude to sit down for a good bunch of stupid laughs once in a while. It's not for young kids because you know they could get traumatized. This title contains: Ease of Play. Read my mind. Had useful details. Adult Written by glivingston May 15, This application is absolutely appalling.

Naked year old girls posing in bathrooms and bedrooms and asking for "Rates" from the users. Also, something called Kik being spread so these teens can text and send nudes to each other incognito. And for anyone who tells me that it's a rare find, tell me how I've had multiple people see things like this on there, and was able to dig up numerous reports from about this same issue with the application? That's what I thought. Not only is there rampant porn of varying types, there is promotion of racism, eating disorders, self-harm and suicide, and ingesting illegal substances.

Plenty about how to lie to your parents, too. I gotta say, I am offended to the highest degree here. Adult Written by Bookcat1 May 30, Educational Value! I learned lots of new words I had never heard before. Got that one a lot. Helped me decide. Adult Written by benefitsben October 14, Part of the ship, part of the crew This title contains: Ease of Play.

Then I saw that this app had one start because some salty bitch decided she didn't like it. So I am leaving this review. Adult Written by Rtyfghvb January 22, Dangerous My child was solicited via the chat function by numerous predators.

Make sure the chat function is disabled!!! Adult Written by Avayzel November 13, Adult Written by Hois September 21, Adult Written by durbinse69 June 5, However, it also allows users to chat groups and send messages to each other.

My son has received inappropriate images, messages, etc. At least there is some verification done on some social media sites e.

There is no verification done on iFunny and it is not just being used for its stated purpose. Adult Written by Eatnbugz73 May 23, Parent of a year-old Written by Phoboy March 2, When I let my kid use ifunny nude there is a search hitspry so I am aware of what he looks up. The memes are pretty mediocre there is really no violence. There is swearing and a little amount of drug and smoking. Adult Written by Lwwalt February 15, I am not really bothered by explicit language, but these memes are highly sexual and often misogynistic. When I checked it out the first time the first meme I saw referred a young girls breasts not the word they used and the second to oral sex.

I allow my 12 year old son a lot of leeway to listen to the music he wants and often allow my 8 year old to watch PG movies depending on the reason for the ratingso I am not overly strict or controlling parent, but the material on this site is too mature for any child in my opinion. Adult Written by niceday January 15, Awesome App and Website This is a great way for middle and high schoolers to have something funny every day. For under age 10, I would not recommend. However for teens and older people, this is a fun, safe website! Adult Written by one1 October 16, Adult Written by ifunny nude September 30, Funny for ALL ages.

I think that this application is VERY family friendly. While yes, int he past there have been some sketchy posts, that is no more.

Definitely adult humor This is just my opinion, but holy combustible jesus do I love this app! I have been on Ifunny for days As it says on my profileand I have gotten on it almost every damn day. This app always helps me put a smile on my face whenever I have a bad day.

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