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So, I ended up posting a blog instead of a roleplay. Hopefully this is better. Tell me if you ever been with a muslim lady or have any about them. Into religion and race play. Kik me on sadia I'm 22 years old, Male cross dresser just you aren't thrown off by my profile pic on kik and from ia!

Ive been roleplaying for years now and I'm not a grammar Nazi, but I do like a l. And any other homestuck ships you wanna add in just tell me. Just need someone who doesn't mind roleplaying as video game characters, along with rough roleplaying as well, though not all the time. Im pamela,21 female and im looking for male because im bored right now. Hey my name is Anna. I love big and thick. I am a Sub. Be dominant, punish me for my bratty attitude. I'm not a fking weeb I swear. Don't have to have the best grammar just be able to understand and when you request to kik me send me the kinks you are into or don't mind doing.

Don't be shy I'm open to kinks my kik is: furryfand. Just looking for the some lewd rps of any kind with any kinks. I will do any gender or postion. Kik is primus just message me. Hihi, I'm a 19 year old Asian girl looking for someone to have a dirty RP with.

I'm looking for someone who plays a more dom-like role, and is somewhat literate. I'm okay with dark RPs like. I want to do a roleplay where we hop from universe to universe, and experience all sorts of crazy kik roleplayers. The story can stay in one universe until we run out of ideas and we can then hop ship t. Kik youngblack I'm looking for detailed and creative roleplay partners.

Message me if you would like to play any of the ideas below, or of you have any ideas feel free to message me. I'd love to do a role play where maybe you are my babysitter while my parents are away and you catch kik roleplayers doing something really naughty and blackmail me to become your slave for the rest of vacation.

Kik roleplayers

Hi everyone Im still looking fun female partners to play out some roleplays either short or long term. Hi, 25M looking for a F dom to have an online relationship.

Kik roleplayers

Open to everything. Looking for long term or short term RP. Into fantasy, control,but willing to try anything. I'm 22 years old, looking for other consenting adults to do some darker themed roleplays. I do mainly do OCs, but am open to other options. I have a few rp partners, but am looking for to.

Anyone willing to roleplay as a hot woman I know?!?! KIK roleplayhot Looking for anyone to rp as her please!! Hey allI'm a really open guy when it comes to rp and I love doing all different kinds so I'll do it with pretty much anyone, when it comes kik roleplayers rp I'm usually more Dom but depending on the situa.

Hey, I'm looking for anyone to rp with on Kik. You can be male, female, futa, whatever, and we can roleplay whatever fantasy you have in mind. I can also play as female, futa, femboy, or whatever y. I want to do a nice roleplay with someone who understands how to roleplay. I don't care what type it is, it can be erp or clean I don't mind. I don't have any limits, I am a very o. Looking for a woman to do rp id be sub shota 10 ive got a few scenes for rp though that can be discussed.

Kink kik roleplayers. Cant do pictures or videos but can be discussed. Do as you please to me. All is consensual.

Kik roleplayers

I'm a hungry futa looking for females who can give me some detailed dirty roleplay through kik. We can come up with many scenarios, long term, short term. Just hi. Tags Roleplays Popular Members Social.

Kik roleplayers

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Kik roleplayers

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