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Real Talk from the best Kink and Sex Educators in the world. Thanks to the wonders of technology it's kinkacademy than ever to stay close to someone even when they're far away. However, when you're kinky, there are still some "best practices" for keeping a relationship hot. This podcast is filled with solid tips and practical tricks for you and your partners.

Hear more about a wide variety of kinkacademy and sexuality topics at www. Selina Minx explains why negotiating within power exchange relationships can make it difficult to be honest with your partner. She outlines both the reasons and the necessity for being able to clearly express your boundaries and needs when negotiating, and suggests on a few strategies to try including both verbal and nonverbal cues for negotiation. Are you shy? Or do you just need some polish to your "game"? Learn what separates "seductive" from "coercive", how to use your words and kinkacademy language to express your desires, and why flirting doesn't stop when you're in a relationship.

Sinnamon Love talks frankly about some of the common concerns women and men have about anal sex.

Issues such as cleanliness and physical discomfort are often associated with this kind of intercourse, and Sinnamon has the expertise to tell kinkacademy how to do it safely and best of all enjoyably for both partners. Sinnamon Love helps navigate the tricky waters of choosing porn to share. Patti Britton discusses the various ways porn can improve the quality of relationships. Apple Podcasts Preview. NOV 1, Negotiation is Hard! Selina Minx makes it easy. Negotiation is Hard! Customer Reviews.

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