Long hair fetish

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The trainee dance teacher, from Wolverhampton, says:. At school, when I did wear it long, all my friends wanted to plait it and play with it. I lived in fear of the boys who constantly threatened to cut off my hair.

Even now, going to the hairdresser for long hair fetish simple trim fills me with dread. I get one about once every eight months. I occasionally straighten it, which can take 90 minutes, and it then reaches to my mid-thigh. People constantly ask to take photos with me.

I spent my weekends dressing up as Elsa or Anna from Frozen. Kids loved the fact my hair was real and not a wig. Having such long hair has given me self-confidence. It makes me feel special in my own way. Aggy says: "AsI always felt like a fairytale princess. Swishing my hair and running with it flowing behind brought me great joy.

When I was five, my grandmother cut it short because I was starting school and she thought it would be easier to look after. I cried for days. After that, I refused to let people cut my hair. When I was 19, I started university. Dread-locks were popular and I embraced the trend. I used to colour my long dre pink, yellow, blue and green.

When I started my first job, inI cut off the dre at my shoulders and spent hours brushing out the knotted hair for a more serious look.

I met my partner in Junewhen I was working as a mixologist in a bar in Cirencester. Whenever we are on holiday overseas, men race up telling Andrew he better be careful or they will steal me because of my long, natural hair. People want to touch it, feel it or talk about it, even in the supermarket queue. Our daughter also has long hair. It gets caught in car doors, door handles and last week I was rushing when the wind blew and I was yanked back after my hair tangled with a street. I have a sports car and love driving with my hair flying behind me.

Going to the loo, I need to be careful and hold my hair up. Every six months, I have four to five inches trimmed. Women are constantly telling me how lucky I am. Men find long hair sexy because it is so feminine and shows I take care of myself. People love the feel and smell of beautifully brushed and clean long hair. The retail stylist from Hendon, North West London, even gets messages from men all over the world telling her to never cut her hair.

Jasmine, who is single, says:. I never liked getting it cut. As I grew up, my friends were obsessed with braiding it and playing with it — although the boys at school constantly tried to pull it or put chewing gum in it. I went to university in London to study bio-chemistry and started wearing it up. During long hair fetish there were a few times my hair caught fire, which terrified me. As soon as I graduated, I let it down for the first time in three years and immediately started getting lo more compliments. Other people have become obsessed with pictures of my hair falling down my back, saying they love the curve of my body and the wave and length of the hair.

Some even ask me to describe what it smells like long hair fetish if they can buy a piece of it. I politely refuse, then block them. Long hair is very high maintenance so I only wash it once a week and use hair oil on it daily to keep it healthy.

It takes me two hours to blow dry it and 24 hours for it to dry naturally. She says:. It was awful and everyone at school teased me. When I left school I studied to be an art teacher, but when I started work I wore it up in a braided bun.

After having our daughters, I would do their nightly routine and would immediately start my own hair-brushing routine. I never wanted to follow the trends of ageing by cutting my hair short.

Most of my friends cut theirs really short in their 40s and 50s but I refused. When my partner and I broke up I went to the hairdresser and asked them to cut off my hair. Luckily they refused because it had taken so many years to grow.

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Long hair fetish

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Real-life Rapunzels bat away men with fetishes and even have strangers trying to FEEL their super-long hair