Monster girl quest dargoth

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The first chapter released a year ago, and it does A LOT of things right.

Monster girl quest dargoth

Check the ULMF thread for more details on the game. Volume 1 is already out, but unlike Hyakuran, which never got a second volume, the Tentacle Encyclopedia has two more planned volumes coming over the next couple months.

Your Sweet House. New Dieselmine succubus game that should be out in a few days. The protagonist finds himself trapped in a house full of succubi and must escape or become their prey. Real original idea, right? From the previews, expect a whole lot of boobs. Domination Quest. The demo has been out for a while, and the full version should be out in December. Anasteema Tea Party. Its focus is on size difference, with women growing magically larger and doing lewd things with the male protagonist.

Monster girl quest dargoth

Still no word from Torotoro regarding Paradox version 3 which will complete the game, for those new around herebut it will almost definitely be out in However, as usual, the latest files are on the repository and are almost always guaranteed to work. Or just wait until all the problems are fixed. Okay, so not updating this blog since the first of July was incredibly shitty on my part. To be honest, I thought 2. Torotoro finally released version 2. There will almost definitely end up being a 2. Any further versions will just be minor bug fixes anyway. The new version adds new request scenes for Sonya that depend monster girl quest dargoth what sex toy you equip her with, and it also adds request scenes for Beelzebubs B and C.

The meat of the update is in completely redoing the post-game Labyrinth of Chaos and massive changes to weapons, skills, and characters. Anything we release quickly would be full of outdated and incorrect descriptions from the version, but fixing everything will take weeks. Until then, happy holidays and such! Either use the 7zip file, extract the zip with a different program, use applocale, or just set your computer to Japanese locale. Note: This patch is technically compatible with versions 2.

Monster girl quest dargoth

For best and greater chances of future compatibility, I recommend using 2. However, if you only have 2.

Monster girl quest dargoth

There are a few bugs that 2. If that happens monster girl quest dargoth you, download 2. Unzip all the files in the zip into a directory. An empty directory is a good idea. If you chose to copy the files into the game directory in step 1, you can just click OK here. This will take a while. The batch file creates a shortcut to the English Game. Any saves you had should be copied over. Overwrite the few files with the same name. The actual text of the game… Still working on getting the part 1 translations into the new files.

Hopefully that will be done in a matter of days. New content from part 2 as well as older content that was never translated in part 1 are being worked on simultaneously. Everything will eventually be translated. It should also be more idiot-proof than the picky patch. Or if this method goes horribly…. Quick update before I head off to bed.

For the adventurous, the script files and base files minus Items. Literally anyone could have created this off the bitbucket files. This is a patch for part 1, not part 2. Still waiting on ytinasni to get back to me on getting the translation program to work on part 2. Paradox part 2 is out! To copy over your saves, copy the entire Save directory not just a single save file from the old game to the new one. Oh yeah, and some guy named Rogue has been helping on the translation lately too. See you in part 2…. After a long hiatus of not patching, this one is probably going to be disappointing.

It hopefully translates all the monster girl quest dargoth events and further edits at least the important parts. Some of the town dialogue might be a little rough in places, but nothing worth complaining about. Seduction events, battle fuckers, and H-scenes are going to get finished though…. For future patches: — Change Log! Delete any extra files like a save directory. Also, you may have noticed that wordpress. I find that hard to believe, but I should have moved off their hosting years ago anyway.

About Donate Translations. Your Sweet House New Dieselmine succubus game that should be out in a few days. Instructions: Note: This patch is technically compatible with versions 2. Some new ones. A few descriptions may be outdated. NOT translated yet: The actual text of the game… Still working on getting the part 1 translations into the new files.

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Monster girl quest dargoth

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Monster Girl Quest