My fetish story

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I never thought that I would get over my fetish this way. Dawn and I have always tried to keep each other happy. I would do anything for her and she would do anything for me.

I had a fetish of being used as a toilet and every once in awhile she would use me. She was not too excited about it but my fetish story did it anyhow. Every once in a while she would tell me bedtime stories of me being used by a lot of people and at the end I would die from all of it.

It always got me excited and very horny ever time she told me these stories. Can you imagine how scary that would be for me? Months went by when her friend Roberta came over for Thanksgiving. She toke a week off from work and came up from Chicago. Roberta and Dawn have been best friends since middle school. They talk about everything. Roberta always had a problem with me. Every time she was around me she would look down at me and say things just to degrade me. Thanksgiving was not for another three days and I already wish Roberta would leave.

That night Dawn told me a story and of course she put Roberta into it. She was saying how she would let Roberta use me until Roberta leaves back to Chicago. Even though I could not stand Roberta it still got me horny the way Dawn told the story. She was wiggling around in the bed like a little school girl. The next morning I got up before everyone else showered and went to work. The day my fetish story all day, but I kept thinking about the story Dawn told me last night. I thought to myself, how degrading it would be if Roberta used me like her toilet, and how bad it would be since she doesn't like me.

At the house Dawn and Roberta was sitting down drinking coffee when Dawn broke the silence, "So what is the worst thing you have done to a guy? He ended up in the hospital, but I was laughing about it the whole time. Roberta started laughing, "There was this guy that wanted me to sit on his face and fart but instead I toke a shit on his face.

It's nothing. Spit it, I want to hear about this.

Dawn takes a deep breath, "well Jack has this fetish where he, how can I say this without you thinking I'm sick. Ok, out with it, I use him as my toilet. The next time I have to go, but I don't see him wanting it.

Also there are some rules. Rule one only your asshole can be in his mouth no other hole. He would drink that all day but to shit he hates the taste and when he burps he says it taste nasty. Also the toilet he made for me allows me to pee and flush that and toilet paper down to the my fetish story but my asshole is above his mouth.

Dawn got up and led Roberta down to the basement to this padlocked door. Inside there was this toilet that looked like a real toilet, but the toilet hole was split in two. One half looked like a real toilet where you pee in it and the other half was just a hole where your asshole would be.

Below was a box about three feet by three foot enough room for a head to fit in comfortably. Picking up the backing to the box lying against the wall Dawn explains to Roberta. I then place the backing on, which makes it a good seal around his neck and lock it in place. That way after I use him I would leave him there for about an hour just in case he throws up. With the toilet seat down the smell well stay in around his head and he will suffer more.

When you sit you have to show him no mercy. What I mean by that is the toilet seat has a lift system to it. With him in there your ass is about two feet from his mouth. Rule two, your asshole has to be in his mouth and stay there until you're done. No lifting up. I know you don't like him but would you at least my fetish story nice to him.

Save all that hatred for in here please. I promises, but he won't like me in here I guarantee it. When I got off from work I stopped off at the gas station to pick up a six pack of beer. When I got home I completely forgot Roberta was there. You want to talk about confused. What the hell happen when I was a work? I get up the stairs and walked up to the bedroom. Dawn was bent over putting clothes in the drawer.

She is being nice. She even asked for one of my beers instead of calling me a worse less drunk. The rest of the night was very awkward for me. Roberta was way too nice and it was not like an act. It was way too weird. She even went and got me another beer that night. When Dawn and I my fetish story went to bed that night Dawn told me another story where I was in my box and she invited people to come over and to use it. I turned around a said, "Can you imagine if I was in that box and instead of lowering it they just my fetish story their dumps on my face. Trust me, there might be enough room for about twenty people to go but after that you will be begging me.

You can have as many people you want to use me. If I start getting buried I'll just open my mouth and swallow". If that ever happened and you start getting worried you can come down only one time to check on me and if I don't say anything then that means I want to go let it happen all the way and you'll have to allow it to finish the rest of the way, Deal. I promise if it ever happen I will allow fifteen people to use you then I'll come down and check on you. If you don't say anything to me I will allow whoever else that is there to use you.

I will not even think of you until after the last person leaves. Now go to sleep. Now go to sleep before you kill yourself thinking about this. Sweet dreams". I climb out of bed and made my way to the basement. Dawn was standing there telling me to hurt up and lay down. She placed the backing in its place and locked it like she always dose. She lifted her nightgown showing her beautiful ass and lowered it to the seat as she did she let out a powerful fart right into the box.

I was barely able to breathe and it burned my eyes. She started to lower the seat to my face. As she was lowering it her asshole was already opening up. I was never too concerned about the amount because she never really tokes huge shits just enough to feel my mouth.

My fetish story

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