My mom sexted me

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Last night, my mom took my phone while I was sleeping and accidentally went through my messages with my boyfriend. Sadly, we had had sex chat recently and also had exchanged some of our photographs am sure you understand what kind of photos those were. My mom saw all these and in the morning she questioned me about the guy.

My boyfriend is a nice guy but, my mom being from a different generation will never understand that sexting in a long-distance relationship actually helps in maintaining the spark.

I am so tensed about her misunderstanding him. On a totally different note, she inquired about him.

He is from different caste and also from the economically weak family background. She has refused to get us married and spoken to me about the real situations that I will need to go be prepared for if I actually married him. I will have to learn to adjust to a family with different traditions and culture.

I really love my boyfriend. We were best friends for five years and have been a couple for a year now. Please provide me with the solution on how can I convince my parents and solve this upsetting situation.

I can completely understand the situation you are in with regards to your boyfriend. So it would be better to just drop the discussion on this matter. But sometimes you have to quit battles to win wars.

So your parents are just looking out for you. As for the issue of getting married, this is, unfortunately, an age-old battle. So before you wage the convincing battle with your parents, make sure you have all your bases covered so that you can start out with a strong base.

Your own conviction is what will eventually work to convince them. I wish you all the best! Prachi Vaish. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. My Questions and Answers. Prachi Vaish February 19, Hot sexts to send to your partner. Dating Dating Problems relationship counselling Sexting.

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My mom sexted me

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The Time I Sexted My Mom