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By daiquirixDecember 9, in Relationship Advice. I'm sure this topic has been discussed on here before, but I'm hoping someone will be kind enough to humour me. I'm a college student who has never had any kind of sexual experience before and have very little romantic experience as well. I met my sext buddy online and we clicked immediately. He's a couple years older, lives across the world from me and is pretty private - it was a while before he divulged some of his personal life to me.

I've never seen his face sext buddy but he sees mine regularly on Snapchat. We've called and stuff. We text several times a day and we're basically more 'friends' than sext buddies. Recently I sexted another guy and felt kind of weird about it so I told him. He was slightly jealous but was nothing short of encouraging and kind although he did become more reticent for a few days after that; I also feel like I get a bit jealous when he sext buddy about his female friends and stuff.

He has a lot more experience with FWBs and flings than I do duh and I'm wondering if this is becoming an unhealthy relationship.

I reckon we're both so invested in each other because we're at a period in our lives where we are both a little bored with the monotony of our daily lives and do sext buddy wish to be committed to someone now. I feel like the lines between friendship and our sext buddy relationship are blurring. I don't particularly like how needy I feel regarding him lately. Why are you engaging with complete strangers?

Not only are you engaging with this person, you are both opening up your PRIVATE Life to each other without having the slightest clue about each other. Look, what are you looking for? I know, your body is probably telling you that you need it and it's time and all that Learn to satisfy yourself for now.

It takes time to get to know someone months. Online relationship are extremely toxic as you don't get to see the other person, feel their atmosphere, see their body language, their emotion, smell them ONLY date with people you can meet within short period of time and short interaction online. Online communication creates a fantasy land So if you want a Long Term Relationship, it's best to invest time in person and get to know the person WELL, before you give your body to them.

Sext buddy clouds our minds, makes us miss important red flags and ignore things right in front of us. Longer you hold off on it, better off you and your relationship will be. YOu do NOT know what people will do with your images etc.

This can have a devastating effect on your future career wise and even relationship wise. Imagine if those images get out there Don't be surprised if your nudes end up somewhere posted on the internet for a future employer to find.

Hi DoF, thanks for taking the time out to craft such a long reply! I appreciate that you aren't patronising me I'm not sure how to reply with quotes but here goes:. We were basically online pen pals before we moved on to other things! So it's not like we had a specific sexual goal in mind in the beginning - we were friends online. I'm sure many have online friends as well. So basically, I have learnt to satisfy myself lol. And sext buddy helping and vice versa.

We aren't dating I don't see how as he's living elsewhere and we don't have the opportunity to visit each other. We basically just chat about normal stuff via text and occasionally sext. I guess this is the main point I forgot to clarify!

Firstly sext buddy have never cammedwe have only called each other via voice call Skype voice call with a specially set up and had a normal conversation not of a sexual nature. We have sent each other a Snapchat but seeing as the picture lasts for a grand total of 2 seconds and you can tell if someone has screenshot it, none of us have any pictures saved of each other and both of us are smart enough not to put our face in them.

He can see my public Snapchat stories though, but he has never screenshot any pictures. I'm thankful that you care enough to warn me about this! I'd block him from Snapchat if I feel unsafe.

The fact is we don't send each other nude pictures on the regular or at all, basically. He's a lot more reticent about the sexting and would rather text about normal stuff than I am so he's not being a predator or catfishing me. If either of us block each other right now, we don't have any blackmail material about each other and we wouldn't be able to find one another again - so no worries about my safety.

My main concern is that I feel like I'm sext buddy too attached to him, whether its because his words bring me relief sexually or whether it's just that he's a good friend. Basically a FWB problem but virtual. Sorry if I still sext buddy really immature or anything but I just want to emphasise that I am safe.

I am outgoing and have many friends. I have an active social and academic life! He's someone I met online while discussing about a mutual interest in a TV show. By Tinydance Started July 9. By gitalub Started Monday at PM. By boohoo Started Saturday at AM. By ajjackson Started Sunday at PM. All Activity Home Getting too attached to sext buddy Getting too attached to sext buddy friends with benefits friend jealousy texting.

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Posted December 9, Hi everyone, I'm sure sext buddy topic has been discussed on here before, but I'm hoping someone will be kind enough to humour me. Sorry for the long ramble! Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options DoF Posted December 9, You need to smarten up I'm sorry. Snny Posted December 9, Birdie Posted December 9, You know very little about these guys. Hollyj Posted December 9, This is really sad.

Why don't you get out into the real world and meet some people? Put down the phone and walk outside That is the real world. Embrace it. I appreciate that you aren't patronising me I'm not sure how to reply with quotes but here goes: Why are you engaging with complete strangers? I'm new to this forum and have no idea how to reply - I'm hoping this does it Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Go to topic listing. Top Discussions this Week.

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