Sext cheating

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Some people can be pretty loose with their definition of cheating until they're on the receiving end of it. Yet if you find out your partner has been sexting someone else, you're likely to want to know if sexting is cheating. Most people — at least initially - think of cheating in terms of physical contact, anything from kissing to sex.

Today sext cheating only do smart phones and computers make life easier in many ways, they also make cheating easier in many ways. Sexting for instance sext cheating become very common. Sharing images of yourself in sexual situations or pictures of body parts with other people crosses the line of healthy relationship boundaries and is a betrayal of your partner.

Not all cheating involves sex, but the sexual element of sexting makes it feel more like cheating for many people. A great example of sexting and the problems it can cause can be seen in the life of ex-congressman and former-New York mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner. His antics have been made public and offer us a picture of what sexting looks like and the ificant damage it can do. It should remind us all that nothing is really private when it comes to texting, or the internet. Read the below post I wrote on social media about one of the most famous sexters, "Carlos Danger," aka Mr.

After you read it tell me if you think sexting is cheating or something that we should be okay with. The biggest problem with cheating isn't the sex, nor is it the other woman or man, nor is it the form it comes in -- whether it's flirting, "friending" someone on Facebook, watching porngetting emotionally connected to someone else, or actually sleeping together see Does Sexting Count As Cheating? The biggest problem with cheating is the breaking of trust with our partner and going outside the relationship for something that is supposed to primarily be met inside the relationship.

Many smaller actions like friending or following people on Facebook or Instagram, texting, and even flirting can fall into a cheating grey area. They seem harmless enough, but if the energy, feelings, and intent behind the actions go beyond platonic even a little bit, or for either participant, it really does qualify as cheating, or at least is micro-cheating.

And they will slowly, over time, erode the trust in your relationship. Sexting goes a step or two or three further than micro-cheating. Almost everyone texts, and texting in and of itself is neither good, bad or cheating. It becomes cheating when we're sharing something with someone else that belongs only to our partner -- our bodies, intimate thoughts and feelings, or parts of our lives that we committed to our partner.

Doing this damages the trust and intimacy that we have with our partner causing immeasurable pain and sext cheating. Once this has happened it can be a long, difficult road to rebuild things. In fact, it can be very hard to do so without the assistance of a professional counselor, because in addition to breaking the trust and causing pain, effective and productive communication is now incredibly challenging.

Sexting is cheating because it does all of the above -- sext cheating trust, gives to someone else what our partner is supposed to get from us, and causes pain. Sorry, 'Carlos Danger,' but your sexting is cheating. Learn more about another form of cheating, flirting, by watching my YouTube video explaining why flirting is cheating just like sexting.

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Sext cheating

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