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Bad Dragon has really made a name for themselves in the fantasy sex toy niche. A niche that has recently grown in popularity to a point where it is no longer reserved for furries alone. Variety is the spice of life after all!

Sites like baddragon

The good news is that, though Bad Dragon is usually the only option most sites like baddragon are aware of, there are actually tons of great fantasy toy makers active today! Also, make sure to see our guide on what lubes to use as well as how to clean your toys to avoid any complications. Cheap Vac-U-Lock compatible fantasy dildos. Geeky Sex Toys. Biggest selection of XL and regular fantasy dildos. Most customizable Bad Dragon European equivalent. Monster Cocks. Multiple entries. This ridiculously cheap dildo also comes sites like baddragon a surprisingly strong suction cup which is impressive considering the price.

Material 7. Just like the Addiction Ben and Tom above, this collection only come with two fantasy toys at the moment. But since the Realm collection is brand new and still being updated with new toys to this day, this could easily change in the near future. So definitely keep an eye out for more! You should also read our Vac-U-Lock guide for more information on the compatible gear. I suggest checking back on them in case they release toys faster than we can update this article!

Material 8 Features 8. Uberrime is definitely one of my favorite independent brands. I first got into Uberrime because of their amazing dual-density dildos though they are more realistic than fantasy focused and their beautiful marbled des. They also make some pretty dope glow-in-the-dark toys like their Watchmen inspired Dr. Manhattan and their ever-popular Jellyfish dildo. So you can turn your Tango into a powerful small vibrating fantasy dildo! But otherwise, I really have no complaints. While their selection ranges from semi-realistic to abstract, they still offer plenty of solid fantasy options as well.

Material 9. But no, all of this comes from a small independent company in Australia! Being from Australia, their currency is also much lower than the U. New collections are coming out all the time, depending on the season, releases, etc.

Sites like baddragon

So definitely follow them on social media! As the true geeks that they are, they offer toys with some pretty exciting and unique features as well. Like how their lightsaber dildos actually light up thanks to their translucent silicone. Or how Thors hammer comes with a display stand, so it can easily be camouflaged amongst the rest of your geeky memorabilia.

The only real caveat is the lack of size choices on most of their toys. Material 9 Features 9. In terms of choice, Mr. Hankey definitely holds a candle to Bad Dragon with their variety of models, colors, and sizes. They sell everything from tentacle dildos to classic monster bits.

Sites like baddragon

You can add Vac-U-Lock holes to almost all of their dildos if you want to add attachments, suction cups, vibes, or even use them on sex machines! Hankey is that the latter specializes in very large toys. Since most of their other sizes small and up are rather large, their XSMALL collection is your best bet for toys in manageable sizes. Like Bad Dragon, Mr.

Hankey Worldwide. The sky is really the limit here as you can pick any solid color of your choice or combine 2 colors and make your own fade or marbled finish. For a small price, each toy also comes with a more complicated ature finish unique to each model.

It only counts as a solid color, so you can marble this already marbled color with any other color of your choice as well! When it comes to the extra options, you can add Vac-U-Lock holes to your toys so you can add attachments, vibes, or connect them to sex machines. They also make probably one of the best Vac-U-Lock suction cups around as well, which sites like baddragon handle any toy under 1 KG without sites like baddragon hitch.

And if you like your toys real heavy, you can also get a built-in suction cup which should handle even more than a measily KG! Their huge range of options really puts the power back in the hands of their customers, which is always a good thing. Their ature bronze and silver colors come with beautiful metallic finishes and they also offer more traditional colors like black and flesh tones as well. Their selection ranges from regular to huge dildos as well as offering long depth toys and other truly unconventional shapes. Do you want something even more realistic than what Bad Dragon has to offer?

By the makers of the uncanny Realdolls and the most realistic dildos ever made comes the Monster Cocks Collection! These movie quality appendages are hand-painted layer by layer with silicone paint to offer the most detailed and realistic finish you can get your hands on today. But for those with grim sensitivities, definitely check them out! They also sell some premium monster male masturbators, butt plugs, etc. Material 10 Features 8.

Of course, there are many more independent companies to discover. Stories See All. Guides See All. Now Week Month. Last updated: April 27, Contents 1 TL;DR 1. Hankey 1. Jump to details. Addiction might not offer tons of options like Bad Dragon does. Not much choices in terms of sizes and colors.

Cheapest Places to Buy. Tom Worldwide. These are the most affordable Vac-U-Lock compatible fantasy toys you can get your hands on today! Realm Worldwide. Their toys are truly gorgeous with a big emphasis on pleasurable shapes and textures. Shevibe Worldwide.

Sites like baddragon

Their gorgeous des are quirky, full of interesting features, and straight-up innovative at times. Geek themed sex toys spanning many franchises. Really affordable because of the Australian Dollar. Geeky Sex Toys Worldwide. Best option if you're looking for giant dildos. Colors aren't as beautiful as some of the competition. Uberkinky Worldwide. Minimalist take on classic fantasy shapes. Beautiful silicone with metallic finishes. Perfect for those who dislike textured toys. Not as many customization options as some other brands.

Peepshow U. Meticulously hand-painted with layers of body-safe silicone. No much choice in terms of sizes and customization. Monster Cocks Worldwide. Type to search or hit ESC to close. See all .

Sites like baddragon

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