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SLUTS are sex workers. Sluts are virgins.

Sluts are mothers with their teenage daughters. Sluts wear beanies, fishnet stockings, G-string leotards, polar fleece and jeans. If the aim of Melbourne's SlutWalk yesterday was to utterly confuse the notion of what a ''slut'' is, it succeeded.

About people gathered in Melbourne yesterday as part of the international protest movement known as SlutWalk. Credit: Ken Irwin. The group of about women and men, and a few children, who congregated at the State Library yesterday in support of the worldwide movement looked both sexy and chaste, radical and conservative.

Grace Bennett, 13, wore her sports gear. Erotica author K. L Joy wore a black leather bustier. Sexual assault survivor Richard Watts wore jeans and a hoodie. Emily Greenwood, 16, wore fishnet tights and cut-off denim shorts, while Sunday Age sex columnist Maureen Matthews said she was an ''age appropriate slut'' in a long leopard-print coat and lace top.

Clem Bastow, centre, and fellow organisers of the Melbourne "SlutWalk". Credit: Simon O'Dwyer. So why are we all dressing like ''sluts'' - or not? SlutWalk started in Toronto, Canada, after a local policeman told a group of law students that ''women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised''. Of course, Melbourne's SlutWalk did not live up to everyone's expectations. While the costuming was a confusing, if catchy, gimmick, the speakers conveyed some serious messages.

A woman who has transitioned to being a man, he choked back tears as he described his guilt. Feminist author Leslie Cannold greeted the crowd with: ''Hey you sluts!

Two lone Christian protesters holding s saying ''Rape is horrifying but so is immodesty'' and ''God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble'' were the only visible opponents. Time-worn as the message ''no means no'' was, many said the protest seemed to them like the catalyst for a new feminist movement. A rally to find the slut in everyone. Please try again later.

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Sluts au

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