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Tentacle porn is a genre of Japanese erotica depicting humans, mostly women, having sex with otherworldly, tentacled creatures. It's usually a form of hentai, or pornographic manga and anime. Humans have had, um, fishy taste in erotica for centuries. The artwork depicts a woman who encounters two octopuses while shell-diving. In some interpretations, she is letting them sexually arouse her.

In others, she is tentacle kink raped. As early as the s, Japanese manga and anime artists found practical value in tentacle porn : It allowed them to go around Japanese censorship law, which forbade pornographic depictions of the penis. Penetration by tentacle? Not banned. The late s—90s saw some tentacle porn in anime, manga, and live-action films, though it was usually meant to be more Cronenbergian in the latter.

Of course, many internet references to tentacle porn are, in fact, references to the actual pornography. Tentacle Tuesday — lizkatzofficial — — — — nerdyanddirty sexy memes funny nerdy comicbook cosplay cosplaylife anime manga animecosplay animegirl animeboy cosplay nerd nerds nerdlife nerdalert nerdculture geek geeky geekculture gamer videogames streamer twitch nerdporn porn hentai tentacleporn.

Tentacle porn is also a cultural punchline. The Canadians have their politeness, the Scottish have their kilts, and Japan has its tentacle porn. In fact, tentacle porn is generally accepted as a weird thing to be into even outside of discussions of Japanese culture. Hard to live that one down. Somewhere, in a far away land, Kurt Eichenwald just threw his laptop interrupting his early afternoon tentacle porn session.

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Pop Culture dictionary tentacle porn [ ten -t uh -k uh l pawrn] What does tentacle porn mean? Related words: beastiality futanari hentai netorare oppai vore.

What's hot. Where does tentacle porn come from? Examples of tentacle porn I don't know who saved all this tentacle porn onto the research facilitys computers, but it definitely wasn't me. When you're looking for strange stuff, you go to Japan, right? Of course. But my dudes, it's not all tentacle porn and underwear vending machines over there. It's also clothes. Really, really weird clothes. Not how my irl tried roasting me cause I like kpop but she sits there at her big age watching alien hentai and plays all these weird alien games.

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Note This is not meant to be a formal definition of tentacle porn like most terms we define on Dictionary.

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