What is bukakke

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Bukkake describes a sexual activity where a group of men masturbate over a single woman and then ejaculate on top of her body. The practice of bukkake originated in Japanese pornographic films in the early 80s, and comes from the Japanese word for "pour over. thousands receiving hot new sex related articles, goodies, and great deals.

The of men involved in bukkake can vary from two or three to more than one hundred. The aim of bukkake is to cover all parts of the woman with ejaculate, including her face, hair, skin, eyeballs, ears, mouth, and genitals. In bukkake the female is a willing participant who sometimes swallows the ejaculate she receives.

She typically kneels on the ground or sits on a couch to receive the attention of the male participants. She may also be tied up using Shibari bondage techniques or dressed up like a schoolgirl, stewardess, or another submissive character. The men generally arrange themselves in a circle around the woman before masturbating. While the female participant takes a submissive role, many women who have experienced bukkake say they feel empowered by being the center of attention during this sexual activity.

While bukkake is traditionally practiced with one woman and several men, variations occur where groups of men ejaculate over another man, an animal, or a food item. A game which springs from bukkake, dubbed Mushy Biscuit, involves participants masturbating over a biscuit.

Whoever ejaculates last must consume the biscuit. There is another variation of bukkake where the what is bukakke fluid is collected in a vessel and then poured over the female participant. Cum play, such as snowballing or using the ejaculate as shampoo, or as lubricant for hand jobs, oral sex, and sexual intercourse may also be elements of bukkake. Generally, bukkake is considered safe as long as the woman has healthy gums and no cuts to minimize her risk of infection.

Seminal fluid can sting the eyes, so men should aim away from the eyes or the woman should wear eye protection. Like any sexual interaction, condoms should be worn if intercourse becomes an element of bukkake. More About Bukkake Below. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! All Articles. Lets Talk About It. Sexual Health. More About Bukkake The of men involved in bukkake can vary from two or three to more than one hundred. Bukkake is considered a fetish activity and is a popular element of pornographic films. Latest Sex Positions. Reclined Crouching Tiger Position.

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What is bukakke

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